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关于”句子成分的划分及练习“的英语句子58个,句子主体:Division and practice of sentence components。以下是关于句子成分的划分及练习的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Division and practice of sentence components

1、Wide receivers practice catching the ball thousands of times for every touchdown catch they make. 外接手们能够触地得分成千上万次的练习接球。

2、This is unfortunate because they represent activities of the mind, which are part of the Wellness Triangle. 不幸的是,众多练习者都练不好,因为它们表现的是思想的活动,又是“健康三角”的组成部分。

3、Following completion of residency training, radiologists may either begin practicing or enter into sub-specialty training programs known as fellowships. 放射科住院医师培训完成后,可开始练习或进入分专业的培训作为奖学金计划。

4、Through a long - term hurdling teaching, the author alters the separate training to the complete training which makes students more active and the teaching effect more nofice-able. 作者在长期的跨栏跑教学中,通过实践对比,将一直采用的跨栏跑分解练习法改变成完整练习法。使学生的学习积极性和教学效果明显高于分解练习法。

5、Carol: Ten minutes on the other hand. 卡罗:换另一只手练习十分钟。

6、By sunup, Jonathan Gull was practicing again. 拂晓时分,海鸥乔纳森又在练习了。

7、Coach Lippi started the training by dividing the players into two groups with one goal. 主教练里皮将球员们分成两组,并共用一个球门练习。

8、Then we are going to show you drills that help you enhance the stroke, whether it is head position, or timing, or take it apart, do one arm at a time. 我们要演示一些练习方法,以便帮助你提高蝶泳技术。其中包括头部位置的练习,配合时机的练习,分解练习,单臂练习等等。

9、It contains twenty lessons, each of which is formed of four parts: text, new words, and drills. 全书共20课,每课由课文、生词、说明、练习四部分组成。

10、Molecular Visualization Exercises For Modules 1-3. 单元1-3之分子视觉化练习。

11、F. Oral composition and 3-minute training method: This method is suitable for intense training. 书面语作文和3分钟练习法:此法实用于强化练习。

12、In this exercise you have to convert a given number into a fraction by entering numerator and denominator. Do not forget to reduce the result! 在此练习中您要将一个给定的数字转换成一个分数,输入转化结果的分子和分母。不要忘了将结果约分至最简分数!

13、In this exercise you have to convert a given number into a fraction by entering a numerator and denominator. Do not forget to reduce the result. 在此练习中您要将一个给定的数字转换成一个分数,输入转化结果的分子和分母。不要忘了将结果约分至最简分数。

14、100 minutes/week: Three 20-minute runs as above and two 20-minute strength-training sessions. 每周100分钟:如上每次跑20分钟,然后做两次20分钟的力量练习。

15、Divided into 27 units, the book provides practice in the sounds of English as well as the stress and intonation patterns essential for correct English unciation. 全书共分为27个单元,内容包含母音、子音、以及培养正确发音所需之重音及语调练习。

16、Or try three 10-minute workouts to break up a long study session. 或是工作学习的间隙练习10分钟。

17、The different demographic characterics to learning motivation, curriculum design, and training effectiveness comes out a partly remarkable discrepancy. 人口统计变项对于学习动机、课程设计及训练成效部分具有显著差异。

18、After a couple rounds of this, Valero is warmed up and ready for the focus mitts . 几回合的影子拳训练后,身子热了,瓦雷罗便准备进行分指手套拳靶击打练习。

19、This makes them ideal for using HS segmental practice, a key element of the methods of this book. 这使它们成为了分手乐段练习的理想曲目,而分手乐段练习也是本书所述练习方法的一大要旨。

20、In the computer network, the sub-division in a very wide range of practical applications, but subnetting calculation is more complicated, when students feel hard to grasp. 在计算机网络中,子网的划分在实际应用中非常广泛,但子网划分的计算却比较复杂,学生学习时感觉难以掌握。

21、Other. Practicing the drum for 20 minutes, 20 minutes of tae kwon do. 其它。练习架子鼓20分钟,打跆拳道20分钟。

22、Practice words grouped by phonics rules and patterns. 由语音规则和形式分组练习单词。

23、Complete any incomplete worksheets and review characteristics of animals. 将手中没有完成的练习篇子全部完成。

24、Called YOCAS, the four-week program involved sessions of hatha and restorative yoga twice a week for 75 minutes each, in combination with breathing exercises and meditation. 这个为期四周的计划被称为“YOCAS”,其中包括每周两次、每次75分钟的哈达瑜伽,并进行呼吸练习和冥思练习。

25、It uses an errorless learning method and have drill and test modes, which the user can set. 本软件练习使用无误差的学习方法,并且分练习篇及测试篇供用者自行设定。


26、What happens is that afterpracticing these new listening habits, you become very comfortable with them andthey become part of your regular behavior. 通过练习,这些习惯将成为你日常行为的一部分。

27、There are mainly two parts in each lesson: "have a try" and "exercises", especially compiled to enhance key points of each lesson from listening, speaking, reading and writing. 每课分为“试一试”和“练一练”两大部分,主要从听、说、读、写四个部分对本课的重点加以练习。

28、120 minutes/week: Two 20-minute runs, one 40-minute run, and two 20-minute strength-training sessions. 每周120分钟:每周跑两次20分钟跑和一次40分钟跑,以及做两次20分钟力量练习。

29、Caldwell's method of " shooting" became a standard method of gunnery practice in the Middle East. 考德威尔“向影子射击”的练习方法成为了中东战友们射击练习的教科书。

30、This completes the optional portion of this exercise. 这个练习的可选部分也完成了。

31、Divide practice time into specific goals, and spend just five to 30 minutes on any one goal, depending on your tolerance, time, and experience. 把练习时间分成几个特定目标,基于你的耐性、时间、及经验把每一个目标花5至30分钟练习。

32、Practice intensely , without interruption for short periods of no longer than 90 minutes and then take a break. 集中练习。持续无间断的不超过90分钟的短周期练习,然后再休息。

33、Then the key segmentation points are detected to subdivide the stroke into several sub-segments by utilizing the dynamic and static characteristics and user's sketching custom. 然后利用草绘笔划的动静态特性,以及用户的草绘习惯等特性找出笔划的关键分段点,将笔划分为多个笔划子段;

34、Your exercise has been marked. The score ranges from 0-100. 您的练习已经批改好, 分数范围是 0-100 分。

35、Uhh, start with two lines of lay-up drills. 分成两队,进行上篮练习。

36、When training IM, drilling, kicking and swimming are done everyday in some fashion, whether it's in a main set, mixed in with a free set, or in a long warm-up. 当进行个人混合泳训练时,我们每天都以不同形式做体能训练、打腿训练及完整的游泳训练。或是进行常规动作顺序练习、或是随机动作分组练习,又或者长时间热身练习等等。

37、Rest for one minute and repeat Photograph: Gary Calton 休息1分钟,重复练习。

38、There are other assignments I did and they are fun. I'll share later in another article. 还有一些有趣的课程练习完成的图,之后再另开文章做分享。

39、Sungha spends a lot of time in his own practice room during the day. 成河一天的大部分时间都在他的练习时里度过。

40、Technique 8 Part One (The Amoraea Buffer) once per week and Technique 8 Part Two (The Insta Buffer) Daily. 每周练习一次技术8的第一部分(阿摩瑞亚缓冲区),并继续每天练习一次技术8第二部分(缓冲区设置)。

41、Clemens concluded his workout with 11 fielding drills that took approximately four minutes. 火箭人总结他的练习,11次的内野练习,花了大概四分钟。

42、You are currently using the free trial version of "Sub-unit of practice" and "higher Chinese exercises" with limited use of online question's bank. 您正在使用的是免费题库,没有“单元分项练习”及“高级华文练习” 练习的使用权限。

43、For me, teaching feels more like sharing my personal practice - I just forward what I have experienced. 对我而言教学像是分享我个人经验过的练习成果…

44、A contrast experimental research is carried out on the grouping exercise and splitting exercise, testifies the superiority of the former. 通过对篮球教学中组合练习法与分解练习法进行对比性试验研究,验证了组合练习法的优越性。

45、The means of training is the load statistics and calculate the results of practical training with the percentage of the best statistical load by the greatest possible results. 以训练手段的练习单位为负荷量统计单位,以训练的实际成绩与其目标成绩的百分比统计强度。

46、In-Class exercise, instructions to be distributed prior to class meeting. 课堂练习,指导将在课前分发。

47、Continue this for 30 minutes or longer if you have time, to improve technique especially by using exercises such as the Hanon series. 如果你还有时间去做一些技巧性的练习,例如哈农练习曲之类的,就继续练习 30 分钟或更久。

48、In this section, a visual reminder of all the exercises is displayed for the full programme, which takes around 45 minutes, together with a 25-minute and a 10-minute routine. 在该部分,对所有练习程序中的动作进行了图示,整个练习过程需要约45分钟,其中还有一个25分钟和一个10分钟的常规性练习程序。

49、Conventional programs overemphasize text and memorization and neglect practice. This costs companies millions of dollars annually in perpetual language-training programs that are ineffective. 传统的培训计划过分强调课本以及记忆,而忽略了练习。这使众多公司每年浪费了大量的资金来进行无效的语言培训。

50、The teacher hands the exercise books out everyday. 老师每天把练习簿分发下去。


51、Swimmers do most of their training in the water, but dry-land exercises have also become important. 游泳运动员的大部分训练是在水中进行,但陆上练习也已变得十分重要。

52、Continue this for 3-5 minutes. 继续练习3-5分钟。

53、There are eight features used to form the feature vector for each sentence, and the summarizer is gained by machine learning algorithms, so automatic summarization is changed into classification task. 用这些特征构成句子向量表示,并用机器学习的方法对其进行训练得到器,从而把自动文摘转换为分类问题。

54、LA CORUNA - Training ended at 8.10pm CET with a series of crosses and shots on goal, with the team divided in two: players in a green bib and players wearing training outfit. 训练在8点10分结束,之前队员们被分成两队,一队穿绿背心一队穿训练服进行传中和射门练习。

55、Meditation is the first part of a stress-relieving yoga routine. 冥想是减压瑜伽练习的第一部分。

56、Do 10minutes listening practice every day. 每天做10分钟听力练习。

57、Grab some water for a minute and get ready for the next 5 minutes of exercises. 用一分钟补充一些水,准备下一5分钟的练习。

58、Another section offers SAT vocabulary word lessons for 9 - 12 graders, and yet another section contains writing prompts and critical thinking exercises. 另外还有针对9-12年级SAT词汇的课程部分,还有提高写作以及评论思考练习的部分。

59、Do not miss a day, even if you have to split a work out into to short work outs. 不要落下一天,即使你需要将训练分成好几段来练习。

60、Practice Sideslipping and take full advantage of your edge. 多多练习侧滑并且充分利用你的板刃。

61、Three members of the EMSD Apprentice Training Scheme received awards in the Vocational Training Council Outstanding Apprentice/Trainee Award 2011. Mr. 本署的学徒训练计划亦有三位成员荣获职业训练局「2011年度杰出学徒/见习员奖励计划」的奖项。

62、Many string players don’t know the difference between playing and practicing. 许多弦乐演奏者不知道演奏及练习的分别。

63、We learned how to read and translate from English into Chinese and vice versa, but we weren’t given enough practice in English speaking. 我们学习如何阅读以及将英文译成中文或将中文译成英文。但我们并未充分地练习英文会话。

64、Please practice the new classifiers, as well as those already introduced, every day. 请每天好好练习新的及旧的分类表。

65、Workbook: pg1-6, make sure are complete. 检查牛津英语练习部分1-6页是否完成。

66、Teachers can find practice problems, suggested readings, and supplementary assignments for most courses offered by Highlights for High School. 教师们可以在课程计划上找到大部分课程的练习题、拓展材料及补充作业。

67、Tom had spent ten minutes on practicing using the radio. Tom花了十分钏练习使用收音机。

68、Meditation nis the first part of a stress-relievingyoga routine. 冥想是减压瑜伽练习的第一部分。

69、Each lesson is divided into two parts, listening and speaking. This book attaches great importance to the teaching and practicing of the language function. 每课分为会话和听力两部分,听说本重视功能点的教学及练习。

70、Practice includes vocabulary exercises, multiple choice questions, comprehension exercises, oral practice through Talking Points, and writing exercises. 练习部分包含字汇练习、选择题、口说、讨论和写作。

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