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1、New Year's Day is a day for family reunion. 元旦是一个亲属团聚的日子。

2、Cheval's palace is open every day except Christmas Day and New Year's Day. 薛瓦勒的宫殿是开放的,除非圣诞节和元旦每天。

3、Li Yan: Yes. And we also have performances in it on Children's Day and New Year's Day. 李燕:是的。在六一儿童节和元旦的时候我们通常也在里面表演。

4、New Year's Day to sincerely wish you happy years long, happy no border, good luck more healthy! 元旦节到了,真诚祝您幸福万年长,快乐无边疆,好运更健康!

5、New Year's Day afternoon, my dad took me to finish the job my family bought a new house there to play, I can not wait to get on daddy's electric car is gone. 元旦节下午,我做完作业爸爸带我去我家新买的房子那里玩,我迫不及待的坐上爸爸的电动车走了。

6、After this New Year's Day, you will be lucky, "Yuan Yuan" constantly; 过了这个元旦,你的幸运会“元元”不断;

7、Once the new element is created I can just create and add a text node to wrap the content String, and then replace the original text node with the newly created element (lines 22-24). 一旦创建了新元素,我只要创建和添加文本节点来包装内容 String ,然后用新创建的元素来替代原始文本节点(第 22-24 行)。

8、They had a banquet as the New Year's Day celebration. And during the eating there was a lottery draw. 他们吃大餐来作为元旦节的庆祝活动,席间还举办了抽奖活动。

9、I like January because it has new year's day opening and winter vacation 我喜欢一月因为它有元旦节开业放寒假

10、On New Year's day I most happy thing is: I let mother lottery. 元旦节我最开心的事就是:我让妈妈抽大奖。

11、New Year's Day is coming. Talk about its origin. If there are something wrong, please forgive me. 元旦快到了,说说中国元旦节日的由来。如有不妥之处请见谅。

12、The busiest days in Chinatown is the Spring Festival. The festal atmosphere became stronger after New Year's day. 唐人街最热闹的时候是春节,元旦过后,节日的气氛便愈加浓烈起来。

13、Warm hearted wishes for a happy New Year filled with all your favorite things。传统佳节之际,献上殷殷祝福,祝新年万事如意!

14、New year's Day usually comes in January.  元旦节通常在一月来

15、Yuan is "beginning" "beginning" mean, denier means "day", New Year's day, the company that is "initial day", also is the first day of the year. 元是“初”“始”的意思,旦指“日子”,元旦合称即是“初始的日子”,也就是一年的第一天。

16、The thead element has a single child node, tr, with three children — all th elements. thead 元素只有一个子节点 tr,后者有三个子节点 — 所有 th 元素。

17、Once a lifetime of two or even more once the set, breaking the "Romantic" novel "once a lifetime, " the traditional form once-Health, Jordan-Sitting conflict such diversity. 一生两旦,甚至多旦的设置,突破“才子佳人”小说“一生一旦”的传统,形成旦-生、旦-小旦等多元冲突。

18、the Christian ear, lunar calendar the beginning of January certain is Chinese New Year. The ancestry Egyptian 历 of lunar calendar, rise together the dog star and the sun of that day of is a New Year's Day;Afghanistan chases vernal equinox as New Year's Day;The Jew chases autumnal equinox as New Year's Day;But the New Year's Day of the Eskimo of Frigid Zone isn't fixed, they rain first time as New Year's Day.46 B.C., emperor 儒 in Rome slightly ·Caesar draw up 儒 slightly 历 , he is a New Year's Day the Winter Solstice while starting.But, people's insisting on to chase 朔 is a New Year's Day for day, so postpone the New Year's Day to the Winter Solstice behind

19、Before the start of the program I would like to ask you a question, What is the festival tomorrow?(New Year) 在节目开始之前我想问大家一个问题,明天是什么节日呀?(元旦节)

20、I could not forget that I still fight in the laboratory in the New Year, Ching Ming Festival, May Day and so on. 我无法忘记在元旦,清明节和五一节等节日时,我仍在做实验的场景。

21、January 2010 Department of Foreign Languages is responsible for programming and planning New Year's party; 2010年1月负责外语系元旦晚会节目编排与策划;

22、New Year's Day we celebrate the Chinese New Year. 元旦节,我们庆祝中国农历新年。

23、New Year's day party began, the existing two small host to the opening word, and then submitted to the program. 元旦联欢会开始了,现有两个小主持人致开场词,然后报节目。

24、迎圣诞, To meet the Christmas. 庆元旦 Celebrating New Year's day

25、In order to let everybody one happier New Year's Day festival. 为了让大家过一个更愉快的元旦节。


26、Her performance team, comprised of her students, has partited in events such as Boston's Dragonboat Festival and First Night celebration. 其学员的武术队常应邀表演,包括波士顿龙舟节和元旦节。

27、The New Year's Day is a very happy and joyous occasion. It is really a wonderful time of the year. 元旦是一个十分欢愉的节日,这的确是一年中的良辰佳时。

28、All red red New Year's Day, New Year's cozy atmosphere, melting, happy New Year with New Year wishes quickly with the same fast! 元旦一切红红红,元旦气氛融融融,元旦祝福快快快元旦幸福同同同!

29、The Mid-autumn Festival being in vogue starts from a Song dynasty , already enjoy equal popularity with New Year's Day when till Ming and Qing Dynasty, one of the main festival becoming our country. 中秋节的盛行始于宋朝,至明清时,已与元旦齐名,成为本人国的主要节日之一。

30、迎圣诞, to meet the christmas. 庆元旦 celebrating new year's day

31、The dates were chosen so that Kwanzaa begins one day after Christmas and ends on New Year's Day. 选择这样的日期为的是宽扎节在圣诞节后的那一天开始到元旦结束。

32、You and him (her) how live with birthdays, Christmas, live New Year's Day, Valentine's Day? 你和他(她)一起怎么过着生日、圣诞节、过着元旦、情人节?

33、Though there are many holidays every year that deserve to be mentioned, such as New Year's Day, National Day, Mother's and Father's Day and Valentine's Day, Christmas is my favorite holiday. 虽然每年有很多节日值得纪念,例如元旦节,国庆节,父亲节,母亲节,情人节,但是圣诞节才是我最喜欢的节日。

34、Add ding for these special times on Xmas Eve and New Year's ( & Chinese) Eve. 新增钟声为这些特殊时刻:圣诞节前夕及元旦前夕与中国年除夕。

35、Once a unit's initialization code starts to execute, the corresponding finalization section is guaranteed to execute when the application shuts down. 一旦单元初始化节的代码开始执行,则相应的结束节将在应用程序结束时保证被执行。

36、A New Year greeting to cheer you from your daughters。愿女儿的新年祝福带给你快乐。

37、We won't forget you this holiday season。假期里,我们不会忘记您的。

38、Hi, Zhao. Can you tell me the difference between New Year's Day and the Spring Festival. 嗨,小赵。你能给我讲讲元旦和春节的区别吗?

39、New Year's Day is a public holiday throughout Britain. 元旦节在英国的全部地区都算是国定假日。

40、And on a more worldly note, Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the “holiday season” that continues through New Year’s Day. 对普通百姓而言,感恩节标志着一直持续到元旦的"岁末佳节"的开始。

41、The tbody element has two children, both tr elements, each with three children. tbody 元素有两个子节点,均为 tr 元素,每个 tr 元素又有三个子元素。

42、New Year's Day has just passed, Huicong Network Integration valve year professional information, production of the year-end summary. 元旦佳节刚过,慧聪网整合一年泵阀专业信息,制作此次的年终分析总结。

43、Yuan Dan is also called Three Yuan, the beginning of a year, the beginning of a month and the beginning of an hour. 当“元”和“旦”相结合,意思就成了一年开始得第一天。元旦又称“三元”,即岁之元、月之元、时之元。

44、A few seconds after midnight on New Year’s Eve, 2010. 2010年,元旦,子夜刚过了几秒钟。

45、Some traditions related to Chinese New Year are banging gongs to drive away bad luck and spirits and giving money to children on January 1. 他们与中国春节相关的一些传统是敲锣打鼓来赶走霉运和恶灵,并在元旦包红包给小孩子。

46、Tonight, I might lose sleep.Why happiness is always shortlived? 学校的元旦晚会

47、On New Year's day, and also my three chiam's birthday. 元旦节那天,也是我三姨的生日。

48、This New Year's day, I had a really happy. 这个元旦节,我过得真快乐。

49、This is my New Year's Day, don't have a good time. 这就是我元旦节的一天,不愉快的一天。

50、元旦是几月几号 New year's Day is a few months a few 元旦是几月几号 New year's Day is a few months a few


51、A happy moment is always short, near dusk, we finished a day's journey. 今天是元旦,说起元旦还是有来历的呢!

52、Yuan is "beginning" "beginning" mean, denier means "day", New Years day, the company that is "initial day", also is the first day of the year. 元是“初”“始”的意思,旦指“日子”,元旦合称即是“初始的日子”,也就是一年的第一天。

53、The new year is coming. Happy New Year to you and all of your friends! 明天就是元旦节了.在这里祝福你和你的朋友们新年快乐!

54、A section is a subelement of a chapter. 小节是章节的子元素。

55、There is New Year's Day, Peace Day, and Earth Day. 还有元旦节、和平日和地球日。

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