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关于”道歉的句子“的英语句子32个,句子主体:Apology sentence。以下是关于道歉的句子的考研英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Apology sentence

1、He croaked his apology. 他用沙哑的声音低声道歉。

2、And I sincerely apologize for it … 我很诚心地向妳道歉…

3、There is no formal apology from the conductor. 没有列车长的郑重道歉。

4、I sincerely apologize for this misunderstanding! 对造成的误解我真诚道歉!

5、Oh, excuse me, he said demurely. 哦,抱歉。他故作正经的说道。

6、Don’t wait for others to apologise. 不要等着别人的道歉。

7、(do)apologize sincerely to all of you .我向你们真诚的道歉。

8、If sincere, apologies can help restore the dignity of the victim and the standing of the transgressor. 如果真心诚意的道歉,道歉能够帮助重塑违背者在受害者心中的尊严以及名望。

9、You should apologize to me. 你应该跟我道歉.

10、For instance, if the child wrongs another person, you can insist that he apologize. 比如,孩子 冒犯了别人,你不 妨坚持让他向别人道 歉;

11、So he apologized to Chen research. 所以他向陈研道歉。

12、I’m very sorry ,I'll call the superrisor. 我再次向你道歉。

13、You won't accept his apologize. 他追来了,跟你道歉。

14、He made perfuse apologized me. 他没问没了向我道歉。

15、An apology can't fix everything, and Benedict Cumberbatch seems to know that. 一句道歉并不能挽回一切,本尼迪克特?康伯巴奇也深谙此理。

16、I wanna make an apology to you.我想向你道歉。

17、i’m very sorry ,i'll call the superrisor. 我再次向你道歉。

18、Musashi: And you'll apologize to the whole village as soon as we get back. 武藏:而且回到村子你马上要向全村人道歉。

19、Put some thought into your apology. 放一些想法在你的道歉中。

20、Apologizing is the man's responsibility. 道歉是男人的责任。

21、Quite often other attempts at such atonement are often mere words like the ubiquitous "sorry, " which means nothing. 然而,类似于此的赎罪的其他方式常常仅是含糊不清的一句“对不起”,而这样的道歉,毫无意义。

22、"I'm sorry, " apologized the Maitre d, "but there are no tables available. “我很抱歉”,餐厅领班道歉说, “但是我们没有能给您的空桌”。

23、Du Ronglin apologize to show Jane. 杜荣林给秀珍道歉。

24、You need not apologize , roebuck . 罗伯克,你无需道歉。

25、你应该跟我道歉. You should apologize to me.


26、Somebody needs to apologize. 总需要有人来道歉的。

27、Mr. Collins was employed in agreeing to every thing her Ladyship said, thanking her for every fish he won, and apologising if he thought he won too many. 她老人家说一句,柯林斯先生就附和一句,他赢一次要谢她一次,如果赢得太多,还得向她道歉。

28、I apologize for my laziness. 我为我的懒惰道歉。

29、She blubbered out a apology. 她哭着说了道歉。

30、But we've had kids do that and then come back to us later really sorry. 但也有一些孩子,在干完坏事之后会回来向我们道歉。

31、We want to deeply, deeply apologise. (我们)要深深道歉。

32、Learn to accept an apology as well as to apologise, not necessarily for the action (sometimes we are right to be angry), but for the situation: “I’m sorry we had such a silly quarrel”. 懂得如何接受爱人的道歉以及如何向爱人道歉都是值得学习的,某些情况下,直接行动没有必要(有时我们真快要生气了),只要这样开一句口,“刚吵架真不值得,是我错了”。

33、John Humphries :Shouldn't you be apologizing to those people? 你难道不应该向那些人道歉吗?

34、Her parents, shocked, apologize to Hakuin and beg for their grandchild back. 她的父母震惊不已,连忙向白隐禅师道歉,并乞求他把孙子还回来。

35、He Junfeng carrying dinner knocked on Sue Lyons door, he walked deliberately pretend wrong door apologize to her, and gave a dinner Sue Lyon as an apology. 贺俊峰提着晚餐敲了苏丽文的门,他故意装做走错门的样子向她道歉,并把晚餐送给了苏丽文当作道歉。

36、You might at least apologize. 你顶多道个歉就得了。

37、" Chang Jin apology: "I'm sorry I'm sorry, we were playing mosquitoes? 常晋之连连道歉:“对不起对不起,我们在打蚊子呢。”

38、他坚持她必须道歉. He insisted that she apologise to him.

39、you have my sincere apology. 我诚心诚意向你道歉.

40、I'm very sorry for mistakes (clumsiness). 我为我的错误(笨拙)道歉。

41、He apologized for their reckless behavior. 他对他们的鲁莽行为道了歉。

42、M: Well, thanks for your apologising. 额,谢谢你的道歉。

43、他坚持她必须道歉. He insisted on her apologizing.

44、I'm very sorry for my mistake(clumsiness). 我为我的错误(笨拙)道歉。

45、She always apologized in triplicate. 她道歉总是一式三份。

46、Meng insisted her son was innocent and denied the defendants had apologized. 梦鸽坚称她儿子是无辜的,否认被告已经道歉。

47、By apologizing, you teach your child the importance of owning up to one's mistake and being responsible for one's behavior. 因为向孩子道歉也同时教育孩子知错能改,对自己的行为负责。

48、So there's no reason to apologize. 你不需要道歉。

49、  You might at least apologize. 你顶多道个歉就得了。

50、The governor soon apologized. 石原知事很快便就此道歉。


51、Ruan Joe rushed told his son to apologize, but l don't want to make him escape. 阮乔见状叫儿子道歉,但逸升不想强逼他。

52、I apologized to her just now.我刚刚和她道歉了。

53、Now I spoke last time about the familiar sense of hesitation, that apology with which Milton had opened the elegy. 我要最后一次说明一下弥尔顿写在挽歌开头的,那句道歉,那种熟悉的犹疑感。

54、Hearing this, Mencius felt very ashamed and immediately went to apologize to his wife. 孟子听了非常惭愧,急忙向妻子道歉。

55、Apologize to your children if you feel the need. 如果你觉得有必要向你的孩子道歉,那就去做。

56、A: I told you I’m sorry. 我都跟你道歉了。

57、If you act contrite in the right way (that is, seriously and sincerely), you'll only have to do so once. 如果你马上认真而诚恳的道歉,你道歉一次就够了。

58、Within an hour I got ane-mail from the same person. He apologized for his previous message. Keep in mind that I didn't take any outward action to get that apology. 一个小时内,我收到那个人寄来的电子邮件。他为他先前的讯息道歉。记得我并没有采取任何外在的行动来获取那份道歉。

59、I own you an apology. 我欠你一个道歉。

60、Even if they never apologize for what happened, determine within yourself that it is fine to proceed without this apology. 就算他们不为发生过的事情道歉,没有这个道歉你一样可以选择宽恕。

61、I sincerely apologize to you. 我正诚地向你道歉。

62、You're not sure whether you should apologize. 不确定是否该道歉。

63、Men are taught to apologize for their weaknesses, women for their strengths. " Lois Wyse". 男人被教导为他们的弱点而道歉,女人被教导为她们的强势而道歉。

64、She dared to hope that an abject apology for breaking training, combined with Coach’s pity and leniency, would put the matter to rest. 她本来大着胆子希望可以草草向教练道歉,抱歉打断了训练,然后带着教练的同情和好意,就了结这件事。

65、He apologized to avert trouble. 他道歉以避免麻烦。

66、He demanded an apology from the slanderer . 他要求诽谤者道歉。

67、But still no apology. 但是仍然没有道歉。

68、I (do)apologize sincerely to all of you .我向你们真诚的道歉。

69、Farming for misunderstanding things apologized, way is not concerned. 农为误会的事情道了歉,道并不在意。

70、Have a pet deliver your apology message. 用宠物送你的道歉信。

71、Jane, would you listen to me for a moment? I come here to apologize for my rudeness yesterday. Would you forgive me? 简,能听我说句话吗?我来这是为我昨天的粗鲁道歉。你能原谅我吗?

72、Don't cry, Lucy...I apologize... 别哭了,露西...我向你道歉...

73、Tessai apologizes to Urahara and before they can speak more Shinji suddenly scream out. 铁斋向浦原道歉,在他们能说其他东西前,真子突然尖叫。

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