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关于”句子的单词“的英语句子32个,句子主体:Words in sentences。以下是关于句子的单词的高二英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Words in sentences

1、More often than not, I know each word in a sentence, but I just cannot figure out what the sentence means. 经常整句话里的单词都懂,可是就是不懂它是什么意思。

2、After the reversed domain name, use only single-word subpackage names. 在颠倒的域名之后,需要使用单一单词的子包名。

3、So if I want to use a string as we'll call it which is a word or phrase generally, they always go between double quotes, David hence the quotes around David, and they are double quotes not single quotes intentionally. 当我们要表示单词啊,词组啊,句子啊等等这样的东西时,就会用到字符串,它们位于双引号之间,也就是这里双引号之间的,是双引号,不是单引号哦。

4、The os- in the oyster word root is the same os- as in osteoporosis. 该单词词根中os-的前缀与单词osteoporosis中的os-前缀是同一个东西,有相同意思。

5、The second chapter of monosyllabic words, monosyllabic words of the profile and distribution of parts of speech. 第二章是单音词研究,分析单音词的概况及词类分布。

6、Try jumbling the letters of your vocabulary words up, then unscrambling them to form the word again. 试着把你的词汇表中的单词混在一起,梳理之后再形成单词。

7、Phonics is a code that unlocks word construction. It empowers the child to learn by putting small pieces together. 自然拼读是解开单词结构的钥匙,它赋予孩子们通过把字母组合在一起学新单词的能力。

8、How can I remember so many words in one day! 我的脑子一天之内怎么能记得住这么多的英语单词!

9、Once a certain number of users have solved the suspicious word with the same result, it becomes a control word itself and the OCR software can learn this word. 一旦有一些用户都答对同一个模糊单词时,这个单词就会转化为控制单词,OCR软件就会记住这个单词。

10、What's the meaning of this word? 这个单词的词意是什么。

11、And the algorithm increases the efficiency by incorporating the multi-word units translation of the single-word with the multi-word units translation of the multi- word units. 该算法还合并了单词译成多词单元和多词单元互译两部分词典的提取,提高了工作效率。

12、D. 1 Which word is a noun? 哪一个单词是名词?

13、Review words: balloon , cup , ball , bag , I ce cream , hamburger, fish , cap. 复习单词: 气球,杯子,球,包,冰淇淋, 汉堡, 鱼, 帽子。

14、Secondly, we study specifically the auxiliary verbs in Zhu Zi Yu Nei. 其次,具体分析了《朱子语类》中的单音节助动词。

15、Although he is a child, he speaks fluent English. 虽然他是个孩子,但能讲流利的英语。(名词单数前不用不定冠词a)

16、The number of rows entered for each word will be equal to the number of synonyms for that word. 为每个单词输入的行的数量将等于该单词的同义词的数量。

17、Transitions . Use a conjunction or conjunctive adverb to link sentences with particular logical relationships. Transitions can be subcategorized according to their meaning. 转折词。用一个关联词或关联副词将句子通过某种逻辑关系连接起来。根据意思的不同转折词可以细分为以下几种。

18、Anne wrote the word"G-L-A-S-S" into her left hand. 安妮在她的左手拼写“杯子”这个单词。

19、The beginning of eternity, The end of time and space. 将句中提到的单词“eternity, time, space, end, place”按照字面意思进行拆分,即可得到谜底:“The letter E”。

20、Try your best to ounce every word as accurately as possible. 记住生词最好的办法就是把单词读准!尽最大努力把每个单词都发到位。

21、I have no brothers or sisters.六个单词 =I don't have any brothers or sisters.七个单词 祝你开心如意!

22、Cultural differences, thinking method, technical terms, measure words, length of sentences, auxiliary verbs, synonyms, antonyms. 文化差异,思维方法,术语,量词,句长,助动词,同义词,反义词。

23、Research on synonymic monosyllabic verbs in Xun Zi is an important part of the research into the vocabulary and its lexical meaning of pre-Qin Chinese. 《荀子》单音节动词同义词研究,是先秦汉语词汇、词义研究的一个重要课题。

24、For minor errors, such as a misspelled word, use the “strike” HTML tag to visibly put a line through the errant material — like this—and then add the correct word or words. 对于小的问题,就像拼错单词,用HTML标签在错误的材料画一条显著的线——像这样——然后加入正确的词或是句子。

25、In “The boy runs”, boy is a singular noun and runs agree with it in number. 在 “The boy runs” 此句中,boy 是单数名词, runs 在数方面与它呼应。


26、For these codes, add all dictionary words that have the same phonetic code as the misspelled word and whose edit distance from the misspelled word is less than a given threshold. 对于这些代码,加入字典中所有与拼写错误单词语音编码相同的单词, 以及 与拼写错误单词的编辑距离小于指定阈值的单词。

27、Sentence stress isn't "fixed" like word stress. In fact, you can stress words that are normally unstressed in order to highlight different meanings. 句中重读并不像单词重音那样固定不变。事实上,你可以通过在平时不重读的词上重读来突出不同意义。

28、You've learnt what the words mean, but you have abstract and unconscious rules that take these words, figure out the order, and in a fraction of a second, give rise to understanding. 虽然你已经知道了这些单词的意思,但却是你所拥有的抽象且无意识的规则,让你认清单词,确认语序,然后在一瞬间让你理解整个句子

29、How many houses are there in the picture? 教师出示较多的房子的图片并领读单词。

30、Laozi' having five thousand words, used many verbs, most of which are monosyllabic, and few of which are multisyllabic. 《老子》五千言,使用动词较多,其中单音动词占大多数,复音动词较少。

31、How could I remember so many words in one day. 我的脑子一天之内怎么能记得住这么多的英语单词!

32、Odds are when this function called gets a string from the user by expecting them to manipulate their keyboard - with their fingers, I need to-- initiatively I'm gonna get back a sentence or a word or a phrase or something. 调用GetString获取的信息也有可能,是通过键盘敲进来的,东西-,它将会返回句子啊,单词啊,或词组啊等等一些信息。

33、Replace the word stalwart with the word you'd like to define. 把单词 stalwart 替换为您要查找的单词。

34、Welcome to WordWorld, the first preschool series where words are truly the stars of the show! 欢迎来到单词世界,这是第一个学龄前认识单词的系列,在这里,单词都是真正的演出中的明星!

35、Practice the plural of words. 练习单词的单复数形式。

36、The know LEDge records the word; Cognition word; Word group; High frequency words; High frequency glossary; Spider web chart. 识记单词;认知单词;词群;高频词;高频词汇;蛛网图。

37、I know from my own language that I can't always use words by simply looking them up in a dictionary and then putting them into sentences. 我从自己的语言中意识到,光靠查词典然后把这些词汇拼成句子,并不意味着会正确使用这些词。

38、We may say that a parrot talks, but cannot say that it really speaks, because it cannot from new sentences out of the words it knows. 我们只能说鹦鹉会学舌,但我们不能说鹦鹉会真正发表讲话。因为鹦鹉不会用所知道的单词形成一些新的句子。

39、My personal vocabulary is accumulated in high school , then all words are recorded in several booklet. 笔者个人的单词量是在高中时积累下来的,当时所能见到的所有单词都被记录在数个小册子上。

40、As clearly as possible: Guide the pupils to ounce correctly, understand the meaning and the sentence structures. 引导学生把每一个单词的音发准确,并准确理解汉意和句式结构等。

41、Learn to remember that the individual word reinforces outside reading in reading, the emersion improving an individual word leads, memory consolidating an individual word. 学会在阅读中记忆单词加强课外阅读,提高单词的复现率,巩固单词的记忆。

42、John Ayto has written several books about words and their origins and so I'm sure that he chose his words there very carefully. 约翰•埃托已经出了好几本关于单词及其来源的书了。因此,我认为,他对于遣词造句一定是非常小心谨慎的。

43、In this code, the HTML element contains an attribute, title, which, when you hover the mouse over the word in the sentence, provides more specific information. 在这个代码中,HTML 元素 包含一个属性 title,当您将鼠标悬停于句子中的这个单词上方时,该属性将提供更具体的信息。

44、These are just a few examples. You can use your own ideas too. Play around with a few methods and find one that works well for you. 你也可列出一些能与某一单词搭配的单词,而不只是学一个单词。

45、In music class, students can remember useful words, expressions and sentences by singing songs and meanwhile can improve listening, unciation and intonation. 在音乐课上,通过学唱英文歌这种轻松愉快的方式来记单词和常用的词组和句式,并且提高听力和语音语调。

46、It is better to tell a child some unknown words to maintain the flow rather than insisting on trying to build them all up from the sounds of the letters. 当教给孩子一些他不认识的单词时,培养孩子的语感比试图从字母的发音拼出单词更为重要。

47、Allow them to miss words, skip words, and misounce words. 允许他们漏掉单词,跳脱单词,甚至读错单词。

48、Right click on a word to use the thesaurus. 通过右键单击一个单词查词典。

49、You can search Wikipedia on a highlighted term by entering wiki this, or you can do the same with a new entry by hand (”w antonio gaudi”). 通过这个命令可以在Wikipedia中搜索你选择的单词或者句子。你也可以手动指定要搜索的内容,比如“w antonio gaudi”。

50、What is a commonly used word that ends in T, contains the letters VEN and starts with IN? 一个常用的单词,最后的字母是“T”,包括单词“ven”并且以“in”开始,这个单词是什么呢?


51、Here you can see several words that have several possible expansions, and all the words look like words, or like morphemes. 在这里,您可以看到有一些单词有多个可能的扩展,而且所有单词看起来都像是单词或者词素。

52、Whether if you can put all the words in the lattice. 你能把所有的单词放进格子里么。

53、I start in Listing 1 with the example of one of the synonym sets (synsets) for the word "selection". 首先看 清单 1,它给出了单词 “selection” 的同义词集(synset)的例子。

54、You can see the word candle there inside the word incandescent and etymologically it fits. 我们可以看到,单词incandescent中含有单词candle, 而且两者的词源也一致。

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