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导读: 34个,关于”鼓励学生的句子“的英语句子34个,句子主体:。以下是关于鼓励学生的句子的初中英语句子。




1、Kamen says there are two reasons he is encouraging students to partite in the Google Science Fair. 卡门说,他鼓励学生们参加谷歌科技博览会,是出于两个原因。

2、Higher education institutions shall encourage and support students to take part in community services and work-study activities, and provide guidance and exercise control in this respect. 高等学校应当对学生的社会服务和勤工助学活动给予鼓励和支持,并进行引导和管理。

3、She's very sensitive to her pupils' need for encouragement and knows when to praise them. 她很能体察学生需要鼓励的心情,并且知道该在什么时候表扬他们。

4、Grandma was impressed with my ability and encouraged me to continue. 祖母非常赞赏我的能力,她鼓励我继续学下去。

5、In addition, overweight girls should be encouraged to partite in college preparation courses and extracurricular activities. 另外,应该鼓励超重女生参加大学预备课程以及课外活动。

6、Another program supports schools and communities that "encourage enrollment of Cambodia’s special-needs children, notably minorities, the disabled and the very poor," Carlson said. 卡尔森说,另一个项目支持柬埔寨鼓励有特殊需要的儿童入学的学校和社区,尤其是鼓励少数民族、残障和十分贫穷的儿童接受教育。

7、President Cohon asked me to come and give the charge to the graduates. I assure you, it's nothing compared to the charge you have just given me. 柯汉校长邀请我来给毕业生一些鼓励。我向诸位保证,你们刚刚给我的鼓励更多。

8、Traditional teaching advocates regurgitation whereas progressive education encourages critical thinking. 传统教学主张照本宣科;开明教育鼓励批判思考。

9、Some may say material rewards have contributed to his change and it is not the best way to offer material incentives. 这名学生的转变,可能有人认为与物质鼓励有关,不足为法。

10、In a caring and challenging atmosphere, students discover and develop talents as scholars, artists, and athletes and are encouraged to find their voices. 在一个充满闯进屋和挑战的氛围中,学校鼓励学生发挥所长,让他们成长成为学者、艺术家、运动员。

11、So here is the article. In our life, some worlds can't be spoken out when we are face-to-face. 当我在学习和生活中遇到困难时,我总能从你那得到建议和鼓励。

12、We also encourage them to partite in the service of others – both within the school community, and out in the Ruicheng community. 我们也鼓励学生参与到服务他人、服务学校、服务芮城的活动中。

13、Students are required to mechanically remember what is written in the books, but receive no encouragement to question, challenge, and disagree. 老师要求学生们机械地背诵书上的知识,但是从来不鼓励学生质疑、提出挑战或者不同见解。

14、After teaching, teachers should cultivate students'reading interests by encouraging them to get access to various reading resources in order to improve their reading proficiency. 在教学之余,培养学生对阅读的兴趣,鼓励学生广泛涉略各种阅读材料,从而提高他们的阅读水平。

15、What is more, we emphasize Work-Integrated Education which encourages students to gain work experience before graduation. 此外,理大着重「校企协作教育」,鼓励学生在毕业前汲取工作经验。

16、Modi has been the driving force behind what is now an annual event trying to encourage others to take up this ancient Indian discipline. 莫迪先生一直是这xx年一度活动的背后驱动力,鼓励大家学习这门古印度学科。

17、Encourage the student in the claoom instruction independently to explore and the cooperation exchange and process the good work mobility and the speculate relation; 在课堂教学中鼓励学生自主探索与合作交流并要处理好活动性与思辨性的关系;

18、Allow and incite self-directed as well as instructor-guided movement by providing time for partints to move freely with no instructions. 鼓励学生倾听 自己的呼吸声,在流畅的动作基础上呼气和吸气。

19、Therefore, college students are not encouraged to use credit cards, given their lack of self-control and financial ability. 因此,考虑到大学生缺乏自控能力和经济能力,不鼓励其使用信用卡。

20、Encourage user-generated content, like indexable reviews and comments. 鼓励用户生成内容,如可转位的评论和意见。

21、Each Divinity School student was "a newborn bard of the Holy Ghost", whom Emerson exhorted to "cast behind you all conformity, and acquaint men at first hand with Deity". 神学院的学生们是“神灵新生的诗人”,爱默生鼓励他们“摒弃一切俗尚,直接和神灵交往”。

22、At my university we encourage students to travel abroad to one of our project centers for at least one of their project experiences. 在我的大学内,我们鼓励学生到我们的项目中心广泛旅游,以得到最少一种项目经验。

23、TAFE colleges in Australia encourage mature age students who, for various reasons, were unable to obtain a higher education after high school. 在澳洲TAFE学院鼓励那些由于某种原因未能接受高等教育的成年学生参加。

24、The detail of the reform includes spending more academic hour on enhancing students' self-awareness, encouraging student to make their own career planning and organizing simulation of job fairs. 改革的内容主要包括安排一定的课时加强学生的自我认识,鼓励学生提出自己的职业生涯规划和组织学生参加模拟招聘会。

25、Lecturing, group discussion and public and individual commenting are employed to encourage the students to partite in the course. 采用课堂精讲、小组讨论、公开讲评、单独面改等授课形式,鼓励学生积极参与教学。


26、As the tooth grows, it releases chemicals that encourage nerves and blood vessels to link up with it. 随著牙齿生长,它释放的化学物质鼓励神经和血管连接起来了。

27、His brother, whois now a doctor, always encourages him to go to college. 他的哥哥是当医生的,常鼓励他要考上大学。(他只有一个哥哥)

28、University students should be encouraged to incubate entreprises, for which the vicinity of the high-tech industries are an asset. 附近高新技术产业是东湖的有利条件,应该鼓励大学学生到东湖创业。

29、In our experience, encouraging students to pair with different people is imperative; otherwise, one student may always be doing the driving, while the other becomes more passive. 从我们的实践来看,鼓励学生与不同的人结对学习,势在必行;否则,一个学生可能越学越有动力,而另一个越来越被动。

30、A student exchange programme between the two institutions has uncovered a transatlantic culture in teaching and learning and is encouraging experimentation on both sides. 两校的学生交流活动暴露了两国教学上的文化冲突,鼓励双方展开新的探索。

31、Questions need to be pertinent to students' educational background; otherwise the university creates an incentive for false or exaggerated information. 问题必须与学生的教育背景相关;不然,大学就建立了一种鼓励作假或夸大信息的机制。

32、Li Chunling, a professor of sociology at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, encourages all graduates to share that kind of resilient spirit. 中国社会科学院社会学研究所研究员李春玲鼓励所有的毕业生保持乐观的精神。

33、A student is throwing money into a pool while enthusiastically encouraging his parents to work harder. 一个学生正在朝池塘扔钱,并且热切地鼓励他的父母加油干活。

34、DFI, positioning itself as a design school of tomorrow, encourages its students to reflect the meaning of creativity and the responsibilities of a designer. DFI作为面向未来的设计学院一直鼓励着它的学子们思考创意的真义和设计师的责任。

35、What steps are being taken, and by whom, to encourage students to form face-to-face self-help groups or student remote networks? 什么步骤采取,并且由,鼓励学生形成面对面的自助编组谁或学生远程网?

36、To encourage students to organize new or creative activities, the College has established the Creative Student Activity Award Programme since 2002. 书院为鼓励同学筹办具创意的活动,由xx年起特设「创意学生活动奖」供本院同学或学生团体申请。

37、Enthused by the college preparatory program, at the start of the school year Perry, Ray and Simmons served as College Summit peer leaders, guiding other students through college lications. 在这一大学预备计划的鼓励下,这三名学生在新学年开始时,成为“大学之峰”组织的骨干力量,帮助其他学生了解如何申请大学。

38、With the encouragement of one of my teachers, I also did some tutoring in math. 在一位老师的鼓励下,我做起了数学辅导。

39、Keep it up.Remember that little by little one goes far. 对于差生的作业要多点激励,温和地指出错误的同时,也要指出他的优点以资鼓励。

40、Therefore, college graduates working as village officials is a win-win choice and more graduates should be encouraged to work in the countryside. 总之,大学毕业生去当村官是种双赢的选择。更多的毕业生会被鼓励去乡村工作。

41、All of these encouraged me to involve the student organization, so I acted as an activity section head for the student organization of nursing department. 所有这些鼓励我参与的学生组织,所以我担任组长的第一个活动的护理系学生组织。

42、Bachuan Junior Middle School, which she attends, awarded her the money to encourage her win more honor for Chongqing. 她的初中母校巴川中学奖励她20万元,鼓励她继续为重庆争光。

43、Harvard, which has long encouraged its incoming first-years to defer matriculation, has seen a 33% jump in the past decade in the number of students taking gap years. 哈佛一直以来都都鼓励新生推迟xx年入学,过去xx年中,哈佛休假xx年的学生增长了33%。

44、L3 students more favor their English teachers to encourage them to take part in class communicative activities to practice English than L2 ones. 同时发现L3 学生比L2 学生更喜欢教师鼓励参与课堂各种语言交际活动。

45、Remind them that schools teach different topics at different grades and encourage unnecessary competition and verification of learning through testing. 学校的特点是对不同年级的学生讲授不同的课程,鼓励学生去参加不必要的竞争,再通过考试来对学生的学习情况进行鉴定。

46、Do scientists say anything about charging rent to encourage dispersal ? 科学家们有说过关于收租金来鼓励分散吗?

47、It's caused by the ethos of the modern university, which in the name of "critical thinking" encourages students to be detached and corrosively skeptical. 因为现代大学的风气是假借“审辩思维”之名,鼓励学生保持冷漠和恶性的多疑。

48、Grandma was impressed with my competence and pleased me to proceed. 祖母非常赞赏我的能力,她鼓励我继续学下去。

49、Encourage them to be as creative as possible. You may need tohelp them with some of the names of parts of vehicles like tyres, windshield, etc. 鼓励学生尽可能有创造性,教师可以帮助学生给他们的交通工具取名,像轮胎、挡风玻璃等。

50、Good environment and atmospheres should be built to encourage students to raise questions during class teaching and tutoring. 在课堂教学中、课后个别辅导中营造良好的环境和氛围鼓励学生提问;


51、School education encourages students to excel in development with consciousness of competition, and in the mean time, the ordinary mentality should also be cultivated in education. 在学校教育中,应鼓励学生向卓越发展,具有竞争意识,同时亦应通过教育促使学生的平常心理的养成。

52、In the process of management we should insist on people-oriented, encourage students to partite in management so as to achieve self-management and activate their sense of ownership; 在管理中以人为本,要鼓励学生参与到管理之中实现学生的自主化管理,充分调动学生的主人翁意识;

53、Other interesting features include the ability to check class attendance and encourage electronic questions during a lecture. 其它有趣的特色包括:能核对学生出勤情况,鼓励课程期间在线提问。

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