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关于”骂人的句子“的英语句子55个,句子主体:Swearing sentences。以下是关于骂人的句子的四年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Swearing sentences

1、In nine sister flay will present everyone scold, four xi unbearable, too too much noise to scold her. 九妹一气之下将在场的所有人都骂了一遍,四喜忍无可忍,便出声骂她太过份。

2、Two people started to yell, Jeff han feathers. 两个人开始对骂,韩志杰找碴。

3、“You are a disgusting man, ” she told him. “你真是个令人讨厌的人”她责骂他到。

4、我又被妈妈骂 My mother was scolded 我又被妈妈骂 My mother was scolded

5、Sirrah, last year you grossly insulted me. 小子,去年你骂得我好恨啊!

6、In my memory , dad had never scolded and beated us, ever didn't show any serious words. 在记忆中,爸爸从来都没打骂过我们,甚至重话都没说过一句。

7、Kaelling - Danish: a woman who stands on her doorstep yelling obscenities at her kids. 丹麦语:一个站在门口向她的孩子们骂脏话的女人。

8、Sharp Ears: They are cussing at you. 耳聪:他们是在骂人。

9、Fucking Dumb Ass Stupid W Bitch 老实说,英文骂人意思挺黄的。

10、Overwhelm with numerical strength demand, blame, shouting. 人多势众的需求,责备,叫骂。

11、Debating against him is no fun, say something insulting and he looks at you like a whipped dog. 跟他辩论真无趣,你骂他几句,他却像是一只挨打的狗一样看着你。

12、Do not have via confirming a seat later by accident, man still be foul-mouthed , arrogance aggressive. 经后来确认座位无误,男子仍骂骂咧咧,气焰嚣张。

13、Who do you think you are? 你以为你是谁?

14、He usually calls other's name without saying dirty words. 他经常骂人不带脏字儿。

15、YangManLi overheard their quarrel, back of son scold, absolutely don't need son outside is the woman! 杨曼莉偷听了他们的吵架,背后对儿子骂,绝对不需儿子在外有女人!

16、He always calls names without dirty words. 他经常骂人不带脏字。

17、The Chinese curse, "may you live in interesting times, " must have been coined in a business climate similar today's. 中国那句骂人的话“祝你生活愉快”一定是在一个像今天这样的经济环境中产生的。

18、She retrained herself from scolding her child until the guests left. ; 她强忍住不责骂孩子,直 到客人都走了。

19、She always scolded her children, but they knew her bark was worse than her bite. 她动不动就骂她的孩子们,但孩子们都知道她是刀子嘴豆腐心。

20、Ethan: Another example is last night. Hideki was teaching my roommate Jaroslav to (5)curse in Japanese. 伊森:另外一个例子是昨晚。秀树在教我的室友亚拉斯夫怎么用日语骂人。

21、They hurled abuse and insults at the speaker. 他们漫骂和侮辱演讲人。

22、"A couple of slackers, " Kevin said, shoving two rolls of sushi into his mouth. “这两个懒鬼,”凯文骂骂咧咧,一下子塞了两个 寿 丝到嘴里。

23、Bear railing words with patience. Never meet an angry man with anger, nor return reviling for reviling. Smite not him who smites thee. 忍受责骂的言辞。不要以怒制怒,也不要以谩骂回报谩骂。不要折磨那折磨你的人。

24、Da wei malicious scolded, afterwards he went the mirror tip I: friendship is man, ten million cannot love him! 达伟狠骂了一顿就走了,事后他照着镜子提示本人:阿雅是男人,千万不能爱他!

25、To support this Han brat ? I've heard nasty stuff about two of the three people he insulted. 支持姓韩这小子吧,他骂的三人中有两个我听着都不顺耳。


26、No money, the somebody else scold you are wimps. 没有钱,人家骂你是窝囊废。

27、My writing characteristics more like qian zhongshu's fortress, because I appreciate his curse and scold the profound. 我的写作特点更像钱钟书的《围城》,因为我很欣赏他骂人骂得深刻又不露骨。

28、The people of Hamelin overwhelmed him with reproaches. 哈默林镇上的人将他骂得狗血喷头。

29、The boss jawed the lazy workers. 老板责骂那些懒惰的工人。

30、Mother used to scold the boy without a moment's thought. 母亲过去常常不加考虑地乱骂孩子。

31、Lin Wu Yang knows puma son mind, scold puma. 林午阳知晓了彪子的心思,责骂彪子了。

32、I don't want to see your face! 我不愿再见到你!

33、When the cop asked the young man for his license, he became abusive. 当那位警官请这位年轻人出示驾照时他就开始骂骂咧咧了。

34、You should ease up the child and stop scolding her. 你管孩子太严了,不要总是责骂她。

35、Count to ten before scolding. 张嘴骂人之前先倒数十秒。

36、A is half man and half goat in Greek and Roman mythology. 在希腊和罗骂神话中,森轮桩神是半人彪羊的样子。

37、You dare curse Vietnamese? 你敢骂越南人?

38、Easily angered people don't always curse and throw things; sometimes they withdraw socially, sulk, or get physically ill. 容易愤怒的人并不总是骂骂咧咧、扔东西,他们会回避社交、生闷气或生病。

39、I would rather be scolded than cheat (others). 我宁愿挨骂不愿欺骗人。

40、Mrs. Logan scolded her son for eating in the car. 络根太太骂她孩子在车里吃东西。

41、He swore at the boy who dropped ink on the book. 倒翻在书上的孩子臭骂了一顿。

42、White people were pointed at in the street and called "foreign devil". 白种人走在街上都会被指着骂“洋鬼子”。

43、And so he went on scolding to his den beneath. 他就这么骂骂咧咧地回到他的窝里。

44、Prince daily and ZhangLiHua flirting, bender. 太子每日与张丽华打情骂俏,饮酒作乐。

45、Show the abusive player a straight red card. 向这名骂人的队员直接出示红牌。

46、Why do you show off?” a student blamed him in English contemptuously. 臭显摆什么呀?” 一个同学轻蔑地用英文骂了姜浩一句,姜浩敏感地问:“你说什么?”

47、The old woman rained down curses on our heads. 那老婆子把我们骂得狗血喷头。

48、Black mule denounced ErNian, also looked for oil meat. 黑骡子怒骂二娘,还找过油肉证明。

49、Don't talk to me like that! 别那样和我说话!

50、” “ 吃蚂蚁, 骂那些失业者, 像疯子一样爱你.”《两小无猜》 Friend.What happened to your ss?


51、Its owner tried to scold me, but the attempt was not a success, we both laughed so. 书的主人想要责骂我,却没骂出口,我们两个一笑了之。

52、Xiangzi had been brought up in a northern village where cursing was taboo. 祥子生在北方的乡间,最忌讳随便骂街。

53、i curse your buying instant noodles without getting flavoring bags. 我谩骂你一辈子买便利面没有调料包。

54、I have never heard her pan anyone. 我从未听到过她骂过任何人。

55、Don't fight or say rude words.不打架不骂人。

56、He swears, shoves, threatens, and… 他骂街,推人,威胁,可是……

57、All the girl on him in the class. 班上的女孩子们都喜欢和他打情骂俏。

58、In a claim island village, a youngter used to shout “Priate is coming” at morning, next, people was foul-mouthed and came out with broom to chase that braggadocio. 在平静的海岛村庄,每天早上总有一个少年高喊着“海盗来了”冲进村子,人们骂骂咧咧的拿着扫帚出来追赶这个大话王。

59、He was happy to combine in the same imprecation the two things which he most detested, Prussia and England. 他以能那样把他最恨的两件东西,普鲁士和英格兰,连缀在一句骂人的话里而感到自得。

60、a student blamed him in English contemptuously.Jiang asked sensitively, “What are you saying? 一个同学轻蔑地用英文骂了姜浩一句,姜浩敏感地问:“你说什么?”

61、The boys were calling the old lady names as she hobbled up the street. 老妇人 跚蹒着在街上走时,男孩子们谩骂她。

62、She always scolded her children , but they knew her bark was worse than her bite. 她动不动就骂她的孩子们,但孩子们都知道她是刀子嘴豆腐心。

63、To educate a child, we'd better reason more and scold less. 教育孩子应该多劝谕,少责骂。

64、I've had enough of your garbage.我听腻了你的废话。

65、"You call me old witch, do ye, you deceiver!" says she, "when ye ought to ha' been calling me mother-law these last five months!" ‘你骂我老巫婆,你敢骂我,你这个,’她悦,‘这五个月来,你该叫我丈母娘才对!’

66、Relatives have scolded him, saying he is irresponsible. 亲戚们数落他,骂他是不孝子。

67、He comes out to defy Israel. 他上来是要向以色列人骂阵。

68、Then you Gaima I unfilial descendants. 这时,你该骂我不孝子孙了。

69、The passengers cursed the company in unison, but everyone went ahead and jumped regardless of the peril. Surprisingly, no mishaps occurred. 乘客同声骂船公司混帐,可是人人都奋不顾身地跳了,居然没出岔子。

70、Everyone cursed dormitory Sister Furong. 宿舍每个人都大骂芙蓉姐姐。

71、"You are like a little kid, people feed you , you'll eat it! ". 洋人骂人无智,“你象个孩子一样,人家给你粪,你也吃!”。

72、The boy was smacked down by his parents. 这孩子被父母责骂一顿。

73、He jumped his son out. 他把他的儿子痛骂了一顿。

74、From the physiological point of view, you are like a wooden stake, structurally, you look like a wire pole. (curse words without the dirty ) 从生理角度上讲,你很像木头桩子,从结构上讲,你很像电线杆子。( 骂人的话不带脏字)

75、So nowhere in the article am I referring to being abusive, unkind or impolite with anyone. 因此贴子中没有哪个地方提到骂人,刻薄或无礼得对待任何人。

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