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导读: 26个,关于”骑行的句子“的英语句子26个,句子主体:Cycling sentences。以下是关于骑行的句子的小学英语句子。


关于”骑行的句子“的英语句子26个,句子主体:Cycling sentences。以下是关于骑行的句子的小学英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Cycling sentences

1、And then when that child has children, wash, rinse, and repeat (in hot water, of course). 当子女又有了孩子,浆洗等等,又是循环往复的事情。

2、Both follow line into environmental activists XieYi da dwellings, but found him more rampant ways! 两人循线潜入环保激进份子谢易达住处,却发现他更猖獗的行径!

3、In Listing 6, the loop is out of a synchronized block, so it can be executed by several threads in parallel. 在清单 6 中,循环被移出同步语句,所以它可能由多个线程并行执行。

4、Zero Point - Circle - Completion of a Cycle when both aspects of your soul merge then blink out. 零点循环-当你灵魂的双生子融合一起完成了一个循环周期,灵魂就闪现而去。

5、Manifestations and pathogenesis of pancreatic microcirculatory impairment are complex. 然而,胰腺微循环损伤的影响因子是复杂的;

6、You can place a print statement within the loop to verify that data indeed exists at each element in the foreach loop. 可以在循环中放一个 print 语句,检验在 foreach 循环中每个元素中是否确实存在数据。

7、Whether in theory aspect or practice aspect, e-waste recycling must make full use of the knowledge of recycled. And provide a feasible and effective way fore-waste recycling. 无论是在理论和实践方面,电子废弃物要想实现资源化都需要充分利用循环经济的相关知识,为我国电子废弃物循环利用提供一条切实可行的有效途径。

8、It's a circle; you get nowhere . 这是一个循环,你就逃不出这个圈子。

9、Else, it goes through the binding vector array looking for a non-NULL pointer to binding handle. 否则,它循环遍历绑定向量数组,寻找非 NULL 的绑定句柄指针。

10、Next, we consider the infinite loop statement and conditionals. 接下来,考虑无限循环语句和条件。

11、Unsurprisingly, jogging, swimming or biking can also increase the blood flow to your brain. 无疑通过慢跑,游泳,或者骑自行车同样都能促进大脑的血液循环。

12、Through experiments, the double pump operation mode was compared with the single pump operation mode under different temperatures and different loads. 通过试验阐述循环水泵在不同温度和机组负荷下进行双循环泵运行改单循环泵运行的比较。

13、Set the maxvalue for your for-loops before and not in the loop. 在执行for循环之前确定最大循环数,不要每循环一次都计算最大值。

14、With such plumbs, you can target the statement, loop, function, class, or library that is most sluggish. 有了这种垂直度,就可以将语句、循环、函数、类或者是运行缓慢的库作为分析目标。

15、After the module includes and the initial variable declarations, the main control loop is entered. 在模块 include 语句和初始变量声明之后,进入主控制循环。

16、Kinzo will also loop back to Eva to complete the circle. The first 6 people to die is chosen from this order, in other words, devil's roulette. 金藏就将这个循环重新绕到绘羽,来完成这个循环。最先的六人将会以这个形式来取得,换句话说,恶魔的轮盘。

17、In the case of an infinite loop, the snapshot could be on any line within the loop. 在死循环的情况下,快照可能位于循环语句中的任意行。

18、The Atkinson cycle can be used in a rotary engine. 阿特金森循环的,可以用在转子发动机。

19、You already know how to use a for loop. Now let's talk about conditionals. 您已经了解了如何使用 for 循环;现在,我们来讨论条件语句。

20、Viscous sub-cycle time step and Lagrangian sub-cycle time step are adopted to accelerate convergence. 采用粘性子循环时步、拉格朗日子循环时步加速收敛;

21、My father usually goes to work by bike except when it rains. 除下雨天外,我爸爸通常骑自行车上班。(接从句)

22、These are things like FOR and WHILE loops. 比方说for和while循环语句。

23、Ride bikes with your kids and her kids. 和你们的孩子一起骑自行车。

24、The next statement in the loop body is a second if statement that tests whether the variable i is evenly divisible by 125, but this expression is preceded by the not operator. 循环体中的下一个语句是第二个 if 语句,它测试变量 i 是否能被 125 整除,但是该表达式前面加了一个 not 运算符。

25、However, if the staff activity is inside a while loop, the previous statement is not correct because each loop run creates an entry in the log with the same ATID/PIID pair for an activity. 但是,如果该人员活动处于循环中,那么前面的 SQL 语句就有问题了,这是因为每个循环运行会为一个活动创建具备相同 ATID/PIID 对的日志条目。


26、You let your toddler have Froot Loops? 你让你的孩子有Froot循环?

27、We must recycle the cardboard boxes. 我们必须循环使用纸盒子。

28、The imperfectly combusted soot can be reused again. 燃烧的烟子也可以再循环利用。

29、Nanometer iron powder was prepared by utilizing modified the circulating water and plasma gas. 采用循环水冷却和循环等离子体工作气体的改进方法,制备出纳米铁粉。

30、There children ride horses and donkeys and watch monkeys. 在那里,孩子们骑马,骑驴,看猴子。

31、Solder joint fatigue life is generally ascertained through accelerated temperature cycle test on electrical subassembly. 焊点疲劳寿命通常是通过电子组件进行温度循环加速试验来确定。

32、LONGER RUNNING TIME. Electric regenerative braking as first brake. 电子可循环式制动作为第一制动系。

33、I've written a little for loop, which is going to iterate over all of the elements in the list. 让我们先看看这儿的代码,我已经写了一个循环语句,用来迭代处理数组中所有的元素。

34、If the condition evaluates to FALSE or NULL, the loop is bypassed, and control p to the next statement. 如果条件的求值结果为 FALSE 或 NULL,那么将绕过循环,并且控制被传递给下一条语句。

35、Close the if statement, file loop, SFTP connection, and SSH session. 结束if语句、文件循环、SFTP连接和SSH会话。

36、The device is acap worn over the forehead containing tubes that circulate cool water. 这种装置是一顶帽子,对应脑门子部位处有循环凉水的管子路程经过过程。

37、There children ride horses and ds and watch ms. 在那里,孩子们骑马,骑驴,看猴子。

38、It's very convenient to impose numerous contacts with the cycle syntax of the macro, if necessary, the model can be parameter treated. 利用编写的宏命令中的循环语句可以方便地施加繁多的接触力,必要时还可以对模型进行参数化处理。

39、This means the program statements executed in the loop body must change the value of the expression -- or else the loop will never end. 这意味着循环体中执行的程序语句必须要改变表达式的值,否则循环将无法结束。

40、Cyclic mapping and reduction recursive bisection method were used to parallel the molecular dynamics. 分别用循环映射法和简化递归对剖法实现了分子动力学的并行计算。

41、The while loop will be explained in the next chapter. 循环语句将在下一章作具体讲解。

42、The core of the transposition logic lies in the if clause of the commandAction method, which simply transposes the letters of an input character array using a for loop. 位置调换逻辑的核心在于 commandAction 方法的 if 语句,该语句直接使用 for 循环对输入字符数组中的字母进行位置调换。

43、Note: To detect a cycle, only the results returned by the iterative SELECT statement are checked. 注意:要检测循环,在检测循环时,系统只会检查迭代 select 语句返回的结果。

44、It is another exothermic contributor to the proton - proton cycle. 它对质子- 质子循环则是另一个放能贡献者。

45、The issue has divided elderly pedestrians; environmentalists who ride bikes to work; and parents who worry about the safety of their children, whether in baby carriages or on bicycles. 论战各方包括年老的步行者、骑自行车上班的环保主义者以及担心孩子安全的父母,不管是用婴儿车还是骑自行车带孩子上路的家长。

46、The environmental protection industry base of photoelectron and micro-electrons basic material for the mutual circulating… 提出了建立原料废料可相互循环利用的光电子、微电子基础材料的环保工业基地的建议。

47、Drive one recursive step for each child row to detect whether that step leads to a cycle 驱动每个子行的递归步骤,以检测那一步是否会导致循环。

48、Two properties of infinite cyclic sub-semigroups are given. 给出了无限循环子半群的两个性质。

49、It then executes a loop to unmarshal all child elements. There are four ways of handling child elements 然后,它会执行一个循环来分解所有子元素。

50、If the condition evaluates to TRUE, the statement list is executed, then control resumes at the top of the loop. 如果条件的求值结果为 TRUE,那么就将执行语句列表,在循环的顶部恢复控制。


51、Because the starting point is not checked for cyclic data and 'Frankfurt' must not be connected again, it is eliminated in the CONNECT BY clause (Arrival 'Frankfurt'). 因为没有检查循环数据的起始点,并且不能再次连接到 “法兰克福市” ,所以将从 CONNECT BY 子句中删除该中转 (Arrival 'Frankfurt')。

52、In other words, none of the instances of the innermost loop depend on the results of any other, so they could run simultaneously on their own threads. 换句话说,对最内层循环的情况下,不依赖于任何其他的结果,所以他们可以在自己的线程同时运行。

53、After all, the same curly braces replace the RETURN statement in a subroutine (function), the ENDIF statement in a conditional and the NEXT statement in a FOR loop. 毕竟,一样的大括号在子程序中用替代了RETURN,在条件语句中替代了ENDIF,在FOR循环中替代了NEXT。

54、Do 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise including brisk walking, slow jogging, bicycling, or swimming to improve circulation. 做30分钟的心血管机能训练,包括快走、慢跑、骑自行车或者游泳,来改善循环。

55、For a while loop, however, this means the code in the else clause is executed once, after the loop is terminated (see the pseudocode shown in Listing 7). 但是对于 while 循环,这意味着在循环终止后,else 子句中的代码被执行一次(参见清单 7 中的伪代码)。

56、We humans are part of a circle. 我们人类乃是大自然循环的一份子。

57、They will hold a military maneuver, review their armed power, compete on ride and shoot … “他们会举行军事演习,检阅武装力量,比试弓马骑射” 这句话…

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