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1、Lies are like flower in full bloom; they look beautiful but do not last long. 谎话像盛开的鲜花,外表美丽,生命短暂。

2、Corolla lobes 5, subequal, rounded, tube short. 花冠裂片5,近等长,圆形,筒部短。

3、How to prepare meals in minimal time – faster than it takes to dial a pizza. 如何在最短时间内准备膳食—比订购一个匹萨所花费的时间还短

4、炯炯有神的眼睛 短语 Icicle Sparkler 冰灵魔杖 Cranberry Sparkler 起泡蔓越莓汁 Tears sparkler 泪的小花

5、Inflorescences subspicate to subpaniculate, to 40 cm, pedicels short, mostly single-flowered. 花序:近似于穗状花序或圆锥花序,高可达40厘米,花梗短,多为单花。

6、His latest experimental short film Twitters and Fragrance is forthcoming. 目前实验短片《鸟语花香》正在制作中。

7、To reduce time wasted on the journey, I usually don't take the slow train. 缩短路上所花的时间,我一般不买普客票。

8、The Four Seas Xianting fly short Zhao, the Shenzhou held fire cherry Xie. 四海闲庭飞短棹,神州举火樱花谢。

9、She wore a pink T-shirt with a erfly design on the shoulder. 她穿了一件肩膀有蝴蝶花纹的粉色短袖。

10、Printed velboa:After printing and discharge print treatment, the fabric is more vivid, especially printed the animals pattern have the faux fur effect! 短毛绒印花:通过在短毛绒上网印和拨色印花的后处理,面料更加生动,特别是印有动物花纹具有仿毛皮的效果。

11、Rich crimson rosettes on a short, bushy shrub. 在很短的,浓密的灌木丰富的深红色玫瑰花。

12、Ginkgo biloba is a strong spur the flowering parts. 短枝是银杏开花结实的部位。

13、The Peach Blossom Fan story hasn't started yet, I will ring end. 桃花扇里的故事还没开始,我便圈上了句点。

14、Ovary is narrow, short style and the column head that next delaying lay on; 子房窄,上生短花柱和下延的柱头;

15、i’m going through that trapdoor tonight and nothing you two say is going to st盯长驰短佻的宠痊触花op me!

16、Two months ago, the Oracle of Omaha spent $26 billion in just 12 days. 两个月前,这位“奥马哈先知”(Oracle of Omaha)在短短12天里就花掉了260亿美元。

17、Although the company set up only one-year period, but engaged in embroidery, garment fabrics have years of experience. 本公司虽成立只有短短的一年时间,但从事绣花, 服装面料已有多年经验。

18、Construction on the $3.75 billion terminal, designed by British architect Norman Foster to evoke a red, orange, and yellow dragon, took a lightning-quick three years and nine months. 这个花了37.5个亿美刀的航站楼展现了红橙黄三色龙的形象,由英国设计师诺曼福斯特设计。只花了短短的3年零9个月。

19、In this population, the quantity of the long-styled flower plants is similar to that of the short-styled ones. 居群中,长花柱和短花柱两种花型植株的开花个体数相近,在居群中随机分布。

20、He picked up the residual beauty, lost is a short little petals, there is the past beautiful moments. 夕拾朝花残美,失去的是短暂的点点花瓣,涌起的则是对过往美丽瞬间的回忆。

21、Meet like the meteor across the sky, the gorgeous fireworks, just a short moment, and fall into the endless darkness. 邂逅如流星划过天际,那烟花一样的绚烂,只是短短的一瞬,又沦入无边无际的黑暗。

22、underwear. dot 圆点花 153. short dressing gown 短晨衣

23、The brand's goal is to bridge the divide between long cargo shorts and fussy, high-end designer short-shorts. 该品牌的目标是消除长工装裤和花哨的高档设计师短款短裤之间的鸿沟。

24、Don't spend your time writing this sort of squibs . 不要花时间写这类的讽刺短文了。

25、The thread in the corolla is the short filament of a degenerated stamen. 花冠筒内丝状物为退化雄蕊的短花丝。


26、Poly umbrella without the inflorescence stems or very short. 聚伞花序无总梗或很短。

27、During this short time the mirror moves, though but little, and in it the exit-spark is seen as if it had moved aside from the entrance-spark. 在这极短的时间内,镜子是转动的,而且因为转动的间隔很短暂,所以看上去仿佛那个“出端火花”是从“入端火花”的位置移动出来的。

28、Among sika deer, the time span of genetic differentiation of Dongfeng and Zuojia Sika deer was the shortest, 110 years. 在梅花鹿中东丰梅花鹿和左家梅花鹿的分化时间最短,为110年;

29、I especially like this flowery skirts. 我特别喜欢这件花纹短裙。

30、Leading and following are very different skills, and following well is every bit as difficult as leading well. 这句话的大意是,跟随者识别花样和引带者变换花样都是很难的技术。

31、Branchlets and inflorescence rachis sply scent or rulent. 小枝和花序轴疏生短柔毛或者被微柔毛。

32、There is a saying which goes, "You cannot teach an old dog new tricks." 有句俗话说:“老狗学不来新花样。”

33、I have spent much time considering this brief word. 我花过许多时间思考这简短的话。

34、The long filaments are accompanied with plump and white anther, large numbers of pollen grains, shorter style and sterile gynoecium; 其中,长花丝对应的花药饱满、白色、花粉量大、花柱较短、雌性败育;

35、Single medium lavender - blue, 3 - 7 per peduncle, hides under leaves, short - lived. 单瓣花,中薰衣草色到蓝色, 每个花梗有3-7朵花,容易藏在叶子里, 花期短。

36、Japanese respect Sakura, but also because her life is short, but with short time for yourself, to witness the beautiful. 日本尊敬樱花,也是因为她的生命虽短,但用尽短暂的时间盛放自己,见证美丽。

37、Try forcing people to try pairing for a very short time. 试着强迫人们花很短的时间来尝试结对工作。

38、The dimorphic type has one form with a short style and long stamens and the other with a long style and short stamens. 具两态型的一类植物是短花柱和长雄蕊,另外一类是长花柱和短雄蕊。

39、Beauty will be forever if you do not take away the flowers. 采下的花儿生命短暂,留下的美丽才是永远。

40、See the world flower efflorescence fall, is thus graceful beauty, again thus the brief smoke fly. 看世间花开花落,是如此婀娜美丽,又如此短暂烟飞。

41、North Shaanxi Xintianyou in the lyrics:" white thigh, liquid force, such a good place to keep you." 陕北信天游里有句歌词:“白花花的大腿,水灵灵的逼,这么好的地方留不住你。”

42、Runs on top of the Cuyahoga framework, and it took me just a couple of hours to bring this site up and running. 关于亚霍加框架上运行,我花了短短几个小时,使这个站的建设和运行。

43、The Club looks a little like a three-leaf clover design. 例句梅花看上去有点像三叶草的图案。

44、A short stalk is at the base and a thick stamen centered in the bowl. 花蒂之下则是一根粗短的茎杆,而在碗型花冠中则有一根粗大的雄蕊。

45、24. Life is to short to spend time worrying。生命太短了,不要花在焦虑上。

46、People ask me why I spend the time to write essays. 人们问我,为什么花那么多时间写短文。

47、Lies are like flowers in full bloom, they look beautiful but do not last long. 谎话像盛开的鲜花,外表美丽,生命短暂。

48、Eg. Don't spend your time on writing this sort of squibs. 不要花时间写这路的讽刺短文了。

49、It may have taken as little as a few million years, Bekker says. 贝克说,这个过程可能花了短短的几百万年。

50、Pepper is a volatile substance, brewed according to the length of time flexibility, the general view of the fried pepper taste, and easy, it boiled a short time. 花椒是挥发性物质,须根据熬制时间的长短灵活掌握,一般鉴于花椒炒后易出味,故熬制时间较短。


51、About 50% of plants in SD1-LD treatment reversed from reproductive development to vegetative growth, and other plants in this treatment bore short terminal racemes. 经13 d短日照处理后移至长日照下,约50%的植株发生开花逆转,另外50%的植株形成短的顶端花序;

52、Coffee trees produce highly aromatic, short-lived flowers producing a scent between jasmine and orange. 咖啡树会开出非常香的花期很短的花,它的香味介于茉莉香和桔子香之间。

53、Corolla salverform, slightly shorter than calyx, constricted and annulate at throat; 高脚碟状的花冠,稍短于花萼,缢缩和有环在喉部;

54、Cheerful received beautiful flower of SMS, the early grated ginger cant see the content of the message, but when she concentrate, can see clearly the SMS. 开朗收到丽花的短讯,初时姜蓉看不到短讯的内容,可是当她集中精神时,便能将短讯看得一清二楚。

55、Safety Features: Spark-resistant, reverse hookup, short circuit and overcharge protection. 安全特性:火花,耐逆联播,短路,过充保护。

56、Flowers solitary, fascicled , or arranged in terminal racemes. 腋生的花,单生或簇生,顶生的为短的花序的有时。

57、Raceme rachis and pedicels scent or rulent ; bract and bracteole usually borne on distal 1/2 of pedicel. 总状花序轴和花梗具短柔毛或微柔毛;苞片和小苞片通常生于花梗上部的1/2。

58、Osmanthus bloom and exude their short-lived fragrance. 桂花盛开,散发短暂的淡香。

59、Petals lorate, to 2 mm, scent on parts exposed in bud. 带状的花瓣,在2毫米,在芽中暴露部分短柔毛。

60、Scape purple, 12-23 cm long, densely scent . 花葶紫色,长12-23厘米,密被短柔毛;

61、European orchid having shorter racemes of strongly spiraling snow-white flowers. 欧洲兰花,花色雪白,总状花序较短、呈螺旋状。-- 来源 -- 汉英 - 翻译…

62、Don't spend your time on writing this sort of squibs . 不要花时间写这路的讽刺短文了。

63、Petal margin entire or shortly fimbriate and erose proximally. 短的花瓣边缘全缘或流苏状和啮蚀状下部。

64、Girly floral printed skirt with mesh ruffled sweep… 花布短裙,裙脚有网布褶饰边。

65、Flowers axillary, solitary or fascicled , sometimes in short terminal inflorescence. 腋生的花,单生或簇生,顶生的为短的花序的有时。

66、Flowering stems and petioles spreading villous and scent. 花茎和叶柄开展长柔毛和短柔毛。

67、The epiphyllum is a beautiful and amazing white flower that usually only blooms at night, and only lasts for a brief period. 昙花是一种美丽动人的白色花卉,通常只在夜间开花,并且只持续很短时间。

68、Tepals 6, in 2 whorls, inner ones shorter than the outer ones, usually yellow green, narrowly linear. 花两性,单朵顶生,花被片6,2轮,内轮的较外轮的为短,通常黄绿色,线形;

69、Cool storage changed the physiological metabolism of cut gladiolus flower and resulted in water lose of flower and affected the absorb of water. 结果表明,冷藏不仅缩短了唐菖蒲切花瓶插时间,也降低了切花的小花开放率。

70、The Sakura is highly prized because its blossom is of very short duration.在樱花是珍贵,因为它的花是很短的时间。

71、烟火的施放 短语 protechny odor 烟火味 protechny is doomed to disperse 烟花注定消散

72、Classic-fitting golf short in soft, lightweight cotton tissue chino. 经典装修高尔夫球短柔软,轻盈的棉花组织奇诺。

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