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关于”含有最高级的句子“的英语句子24个,句子主体:Contains the most advanced sentences。以下是关于含有最高级的句子的专八英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Contains the most advanced sentences

1、SQL PL procedures contain SQL statements that have execution attributes, such as the isolation level or the optimization level that can only be overridden by DB2_SQLROUTINE_PREOPTS registry variable. SQL PL 过程包含的 SQL 语句具有一些执行属性,例如隔离级别或优化级别,这些属性只能通过 DB2_SQLROUTINE_PREOPTS 注册表变量来覆盖。

2、Look at the Nutrition Facts Label to find out which brands are highest in calcium. 参照营养元素分级表找到哪个牌子钙的含量最高。

3、Embedded Zero-tree Wavelet coding is adopted for the high-frequency sub-images with less energy, which are called 2nd level. 包含能量较少的高频子图像称为第2级,采用嵌入式零树编码方式;

4、It is the most popular design. 为最多的设计方式。

5、Processes at a higher abstraction level should only be refined with processes from a lower abstraction level, and the lowest level should only contain global and local tasks. 处于较高抽象级别的流程只能用来自较级别的流程进行细化,级别最低的流程只能包含全局和本地任务。

6、Secondary education comprised grades ten through twelve. 中等教育包含了十年级到十二年级。

7、Authority involves behaviors on the part of both superior and subordinate. 权威包含了上级和下级两方面的行为。

8、The key finding was that the students were able to follow the forget instruction so long as the sentences about Tom and Alex were of random meaning, with no discernible theme. 最主要的发现只要关于汤姆和埃里克斯的句子的含义是随机的,不包含可辨的主题,那学生就可以做到忘却指示。

9、The results indicated that most of storage proteins were alin and glutelin in each variety. The next was globulin. There is a little alcohol-soluble protein. 结果表明:辣椒贮藏蛋白含量以清蛋白和谷蛋白含量最高,其次是球蛋白,醇溶蛋白的含量最低。

10、The results of the study show that the well-graded soil cements have the highest dry densities and the lowest optimum water contents. 研究结果显示,级配良好的土壤所制成土壤水泥,其最大乾密度较高,最佳含水量较低。

11、No. of cl, students and graduates of comprehensive high schools are included in those of senior high schools. 综合高中之班级数、学生数及毕业生数均包含于高级中学各相关数字内。

12、For example, SYSIBM.SYSCOLAUTH, which details column-level privileges, is a child of SYSIBM.SYSTABAUTH, which records table-level privileges. 例如,SYSIBM.SYSCOLAUTH 包含列级权限的详细信息,它是 SYSIBM.SYSTABAUTH 的子表,后者记录了表级权限。

13、The results showed Wancomponents with 80%ethanol extract flavonoids best, the highest content of flavonoids. 结果表明,地肤子用80%乙醇提取黄酮效果最好,黄酮的含量最高。

14、Differential Pulse Code Modulation is adopted for the low-frequency sub-images with most energy, which are called the 1st level. 包含能量最多的低频子图像称为第1级,来用无损差分脉冲编码调制方式;

15、VSE itself contains several elements, including a workload management tool and advanced manageability software. VSE 本身包含几个元素,包括一个工作负载管理工具和高级的可管理软件。

16、Where is the most painful part? 您哪个地方最痛?

17、The highest emergence rate belongs to forage seeds coated with 5 percent absorbent, coated seeds with 2 percent water absorbent are most applicable. 配方中含5%吸水剂的包衣出苗率最高,而含2%吸水剂的包衣配方最实用。

18、OLTP databases contain transacations at the most granular level. OLTP 数据库包含最细粒度级别的事务。

19、Her mouth is her best feature. 她的嘴是她容貌上最好看的部分。

20、As a result, the subclass of regular quantified signed formulae, which each formula only contains clauses with at most two signed literals, is tractable. 最后证明如果正规量化带标公式的每一个子句如果最多包含两个文字,则该公式的可满足性问题是易解的。

21、Kids who drank water with the highest levels of manganese had average IQ scores six points below kids whose tap water contained little or no manganese. 这些喝水中含锰量最高的孩子比那些自来水中含锰量低或没有锰的孩子的平均智商低六分。

22、This includes the latest bug fixes as well as enterprise-class monitoring integration. 其中包含最新的bug修正及企业级的监控集成。

23、Except that the Ca-P content was highest in the silt fraction due to the existen. ce there of mineral apatite, the contents of all other forms increased with decreasing sample particle size. 除钙磷(由于有矿物磷的存在)在粉砂粒级中含量最高外,其它各形态磷的含量均随粒度变细而增高。

24、And, ultima multi-class classifier includes a few sub-classifiers, and therefore enhances classification speed. 同时,最终的多类分类器中包含较少的子分类器,提高了分类速度。

25、The highest content in the oil is eugenol. 其中含量最高的物质为丁子香酚。


26、If you talk about your data model in your lowest level, you should talk about it in every other level, including the highest. 如果你在讨论你的最低级别的数据模型,你应该讨论包括最高级别在内的其他级别。

27、This folder should now contain the high- and low-level monitor models generated by the plug-in. 这个文件夹现在应该包含插件生成的高级和低级监测模型。

28、Sum up the usage of the superlatives including the special usage. 总结出最高级的用法,包括特殊用法。

29、My movements are the most graceful of us three. 三个人中我的动作是最优雅的。

30、You can even include books in a set element, which is the highest-level DocBook element. 您甚至可以把书包含在 set 元素中,该元素是最高级别的 DocBook 元素。

31、"It's all the best molecules from petroleum without the harmful ones, " said Jeff Bigger, Syntroleum's senior vice president for business development. “合成汽油”公司负责业务开发的高级副总裁杰夫·比格尔说:“这些全部是汽油中含有的最佳分子,不含有害成分。”

32、Each update is contained at the top level within a tag, so you define the source as updateData.lastResult.row. 每个更改都包含在 标记的最高级别中,因此您将源定义为 updateData.lastResult.row。

33、Levels can also contain sublevels of any depths. 级别也可以包含任意深度的子级别。

34、considered the finest olive oil, is low in unhealthy saturated fat, but high in monounsaturated fat, which can help lower bad cholesterol. 精炼高级橄榄油,被认为是最好的橄榄油,不健康饱和脂肪含量低,而单一不饱和脂肪含量高,这能降低有害胆固醇。

35、That's not even the worst part. 那还不算最糟的。

36、The highest protein content is 42.74% from soybean, and other protein content is 28.56% in millet, 27.57% in wheat, 24.99% in corn, 22.21% in sorghum, but only 20.31% in rice. 黄豆中的蛋白质含量最高(42.74%), 小米蛋白质含量28.56%, 麦子蛋白质含量27.57%, 玉米蛋白质含量24.99%, 高粱蛋白质含量22.21%, 而大米蛋白质含量只有20.31%。

37、The most beautiful fig may contain a worm. 最美丽的无花果也可能包含一个虫子。

38、It's the lastest fashion, very popular. 这是最新款式,很流行。

39、In turn, hierarchy is developed for the strongest of these lions wins the most, and in turn exert their dominance in a stratified way. 在竞争中,最强盛的狮子胜出最多,于是有了等级之分,进而在划分等级的基础上形成了最高阶层的主导地位。

40、And in Wednesday's Guardian we had a superlative example of repackaged narrative. 并在周三的监护人,我们有一个最高级的例子,重新包装叙事。

41、The highest content of kin separates of various soil was found in physical clay. 钾素在不同土壤粒级中的分布以物理性粘粒含量最高。

42、Most grades contain up to 25% non-attapulgite material in the form of carbonates and other inclusions. 最等级含有高达25 %非凹凸棒材料的形式,碳酸盐和其他夹杂物。

43、You are always my fondest star. 你永远是我最喜欢的明星。

44、I am the tallest in our class. 我是咱们班里个子最高的。

45、The higher the grade, caviar, fish and fat content inside the relative increment of salinity is relatively reduced; 品级越高,鱼子酱里的鱼脂含量相对递增,含盐量则相对递减;

46、Nitric nitrogen in greenery vegetable exceed level I standard, pollution index is up to 3.50; 叶菜类中硝酸盐含量均超过一级标准,染指数高达3.50,染最重;

47、According to chime-long group concerns chief introduction, this is the present domestic most advanced equipments and technology content high, amut equipment most super amut park. 据长隆集团有关负责人介绍,这是目前国内设备最先进、科技含量最高、游乐设备最多的超级游乐园。

48、While all true teas contain EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate), the various types of green tea have the most. 在各种各样含有儿茶素(表没食子儿茶素没食子酸酯)的茶叶中,绿茶的儿茶素含量最高。

49、Super Turkey Tail contains both the whole fruit body of Turkey Tail and its high-quality extract. 超级云芝片富含高品质的云芝子实体及提取物。

50、The best grade, beluga, is prepared from large black or gray eggs; 最高等级的「培罗加」,是以白鲟的黑或灰色大鱼子制成;


51、It includes more advanced UX enhancements through the MooTools.More.js extension. 其更高级的 UX 增强包含在 MooTools.More.js 扩展中。

52、The black belt is the highest level in karate. 黑腰带级是空手道的最高级别。

53、Racing is the most interesting sport I've ever known. 赛跑是我知道的最有趣的运动。

54、However, more advanced deployment-specific properties are not stored as part of the connection definition. 但是,连接的定义不包含与部署相关的高级属性。

55、Isoamyl alcohol is the most abundant higher alcohols, which first increased and then decreased with a change in trend. 异戊醇是含量最丰富的高级醇类,它具有一个先增加再下降的变化趋势。

56、This variable contains the error code of the latest SQL statement executed. 该变量包含最近执行的一条 SQL 语句的错误代码。

57、While ue, it does capture the essence of architecture's responsibility: the highest-level concept. 虽然有些含糊,但是它捕捉到了架构职责的本质:最高级别的概念。

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