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导读: 34个,关于”鼓励孩子学的话“的英语句子34个,句子主体:Encourage children to learn。以下是关于鼓励孩子学的话的初中英语句子。


关于”鼓励孩子学的话“的英语句子34个,句子主体:Encourage children to learn。以下是关于鼓励孩子学的话的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Encourage children to learn

1、Experts also encourage parents to keep the peace by proactively spending one-on-one time with each child and reminding them regularly that true parental love does not have limits, among other things. 专家们也鼓励父母们积极地与每一个孩子单独交谈,定期提醒他们父母的爱没有界限的事实。这将有助于孩子们和平共处。

2、The study vindicates those parents favouring the less-is-more, "cry-it-out" method of encouraging infants to sleep through the night. 这份报告也为那些赞成少做就是多做,鼓励让孩子“哭到筋疲力尽”后安睡一晚的父母开脱。

3、We had a dynamic English teacher, a bachelor who had plenty of time for us boys and inspired my life-long love of literature. 我们有一位精力充沛的英语老师,一个可以把大把时间用来照顾我们这些男孩子并鼓励我走上文学之路的单身汉。

4、Do scientists say anything about charging rent to encourage dispersal ? 科学家们有说过关于收租金来鼓励分散吗?

5、Insensitivity of the mother to these signals dulls the interaction because the child gets discouraged and sends out only the obvious signals. 母亲对这些信号的麻木,将会钝化这种互动的作用,因为孩子得不到鼓励就只能发出明显的信号。

6、Speaking of eyes, children need to learn to fake eye contact. Encourage them to look at the mouth, the forehead, the bridge of the nose – whatever works. 多提及眼睛,孩子们需要学会进行眼神的交流。可以鼓励他们看嘴,额头,鼻梁,只要能够起到作用,看什么都是可行德。

7、This, more than anything, delays childbearing, encourages greater spacing between children or even opens up the option of not having children at all. 这比其他任何事都能延缓生育、鼓励生育间隔拉长甚至开始有了完全不要孩子的选择。

8、Players are rewarded, ultimately, by letting them live. 最终,放小女孩们一条生路的话,玩家会得到奖励。

9、don’t look so blue and cheer up. (别那么垂头丧气,振作起来.)

10、The child is learning to talk. 孩子正在学说话。

11、thats better than i can do. 你比我做得好多了。

12、It was for his two sons and daughter: Dylan, 6, Logan, 3, and Chloe, 2. "If people are finding inspiration, OK, but the book is for my kids, " Pausch said. “如果大家能从中得到鼓励,那很好,但这本书是给我的孩子的。” 波许说。

13、It's just like children learning to speak. 这就像小孩子学说话一样。

14、I am always here with you,my dear. 仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢。

15、This contrasts with evidence from girls-only schools where girls are encouraged and perform far better in the sciences. 这与来自女校的证据形成了对比,在女校,女孩得到了鼓励,而且在科学上的成绩远远更好。

16、Weapon: parents are free to take their children to go to the park, or arrange some physical exercise, encourage him to areas where the children of the same age to play together. 支招:父母有空可以带着孩子一起去公园逛逛,或者安排一些体育锻炼,鼓励他跟小区里同年龄的孩子一起玩。

17、I have introduced this Challenge to encourage our school children to discover the joy of reading and to help them build on literacy shills outside of the claoom. 我已经介绍了这个挑战活动是来鼓励学校的孩子们发现阅读的快乐,和帮助他们在课堂以外发展读写能力。

18、He has a job. He is a teacher working on primary school. He teaches kids learn english and chinese. 他有一份工作,他是一位老师,他的工作就是教学生,他教的学生是孩子,孩子们很听话。

19、They said that, if possible, children should be encouraged to eat slowly, and allowed to stop when they felt full up at mealtimes. 他们认为,如果可能,应当鼓励孩子们细嚼慢咽,允许他们吃饱的时候停止吃饭。

20、My dear friends, how do you view the precocity in children?Precocity could be a good thing or a bad thing?Shall we encourage it ? 亲爱的朋友们,你怎么看待孩子早熟呢?早熟是好事还是坏事呢?我们应当鼓励吗?

21、Grandfathers can be powerful influences in a child's life when we encourage them to be. It's been said that "when an old person dies, a library burns down." 当我们鼓励他们的时候,他们对我们小孩的影响会更加深远,俗话说:“家失一老,如失一宝”,确保你们的小孩能够经常陪伴父亲。

22、Encouraging children to entertain themselves in mentally active and imaginative ways and to avoid passive, quick-fix entertainment could also reduce boredom. 鼓励孩子参加激发思维和想象力的活动,避免消极、图一时之快的娱乐方式,也能够减少无聊感。

23、Grandma was impressed with my ability and encouraged me to continue. 祖母非常赞赏我的能力,她鼓励我继续学下去。

24、Of course it needs the partition of the whole society to pay more attention to encourage, train the students' innovation and science spirit. 当然这也需要社会各界的积极参与,真正来共同关注、鼓励、培养孩子们可贵的创新意识和科学精神。

25、While we were both working so industriously, I watched my kid very deliberately. She was such a tiny thing, between an infant and a toddler, with such a round little tummy. 勤劳工作之余,我细细地观察我的孩子,她是如此的小巧,介于婴儿和刚学步的小孩,填着个圆鼓鼓的小肚子。


26、i believe you can improve it. 我相信你能做得更好。

27、no matter what hens, don’t be discouraged. (无论发生什么事,都不要气馁。

28、Emily Paster, a mother of two in River Forest, Ill., a Chicago suburb, tries to discourage screen time and encourage her children to play imaginatively. 艾米丽·帕斯特,住在芝加哥城郊河畔森林的两个孩子的母亲,试图控制电视时间并鼓励她的孩子发挥想象力地去玩。

29、Another program supports schools and communities that "encourage enrollment of Cambodia’s special-needs children, notably minorities, the disabled and the very poor," Carlson said. 卡尔森说,另一个项目支持柬埔寨鼓励有特殊需要的儿童入学的学校和社区,尤其是鼓励少数民族、残障和十分贫穷的儿童接受教育。

30、don’t let one failure discourage you, try again. (不要因为一次失败就气馁,再试一试看。

31、It was for his two sons and daughter: Dylan, 6, Logan, 3, and Chloe, 2. "If people are finding inspiration, OK, but the book is for my kids," Pausch said. “如果大家能从中得到鼓励,那很好,但这本书是给我的孩子的。” 波许说。

32、Bachuan Junior Middle School, which she attends, awarded her the money to encourage her win more honor for Chongqing. 她的初中母校巴川中学奖励她20万元,鼓励她继续为重庆争光。

33、i must try and face problems properly – i am not scared of it. (我必须尝试着勇于面对困难—我并不害怕。

34、Remember that kid in your grade school class who stuttered? 还记得小学时班上那个说话结巴的孩子吗?

35、you have my wholehearted support. 我全心全意支持你。

36、If the above suggestions do not entice your persistent night nurser to cut back, yet you still feel you must encourage him to do so, try another sleeping arrangement. 如果上面的方式仍不奏效而你觉得必然要鼓励孩子这样,尝尝的方式。

37、i must face the music and accept responsibility. (我必须勇于面对困难,承担责任。

38、storms make trees take deeper roots.(风暴使树木深深扎根。

39、Encourage children to place receipts from all purchases in the envelopes and keep notes on what they do with their money. 鼓励孩子们把所有购物小票放进信封中并记录下他们用那些钱做了什么。

40、Emily Paster, a mother of two in River Forest, Ill. , a Chicago suburb, tries to discourage screen time and encourage her children to play imaginatively. 艾米丽·帕斯特,住在芝加哥城郊河畔森林的两个孩子的母亲,试图控制电视时间并鼓励她的孩子发挥想象力地去玩。

41、Grandma was impressed with my competence and pleased me to proceed. 祖母非常赞赏我的能力,她鼓励我继续学下去。

42、Teachers may notice a problem first, and shouldn’t single out kids who won’t partite in class but encourage them through group activities, she advises. 老师们可能是最早发现问题的,不要把不上课的孩子孤立出来,而要通过小组活动来鼓励他们。

43、It suggests that teachers encourage boys to engage with science by allowing them to ask more questions, while ignoring girls, giving them inadequate replies or criticising them for minor errors. 它提出,教师通过允许男孩问更多的问题的方式鼓励男孩参与科学,而忽视女孩,对她们的回答不够或者因为小错误而批评她们。

44、Many experts believe prodigies are half-born and half-made. Children can be born brilliant. But that brilliance needs to be discovered at an early age and encouraged. 许多专家相信天才一半是天生一半是后天养成的:孩子可以天生就是聪明的,但孩子卓越的才华需要在早年被发掘及鼓励。

45、My baby is learning to speak. 我的孩子正在学说话。

46、It was she who told him about the competition and encouraged him to go for it. 也正是这位女孩告诉肖遥有这个比赛并鼓励他参加。

47、The tall and thin president shake the boy's hand in the quiet room, saying warmly and encouragingly until the death comes slowly. 在这个寂静的房间里,高大瘦削的总统握着男孩的手,说着体贴入怀的鼓励话语,直到死亡款款而来。

48、Thus, there is an urgent need to find ways to increase vaccination coverage and particularly to encourage parents to have their children vaccinated. 因此,急需寻找增加疫苗接种覆盖率的途径,特别是鼓励父母让他们的孩子接种疫苗。

49、The words and stories that poured forth from my students and even those supportive comments from strangers sustained my courage and gave me strength. 源源不断地收到学生们的信件话语和素不相识的陌生人的支持,带给我巨大的鼓励和力量。

50、As your kids get a bit older, encourage them to create their own businesses think of pet sitting, pet walking, designing websites etc. 当你的孩子再大一点的时候,鼓励他们做些小小生意,比方说看宠物,带宠物散步,设计网页等。


51、This is why we encourage children to drink water all day long at school, and again remind you to ensure your child drinks plenty of water before, during – we will help here - and after Sports Day! 这就是为什么我们要鼓励孩子在一天里多喝水,再有就是在运动会前,中,后都要让孩子补充充足的水分。

52、Encourage them to be self-reflective when they get it right -- help them to think about the hows and whys. 当孩子做对了,要鼓励他们进行思考——帮助他们想一想是怎样和为什么把事情做得很好的。

53、Many parents are finding out that a pat on the back helps develop character—if given often enough, early enough, and low enough. 许多父母发现给孩子以鼓励能帮助他们性格的形成——如果做得够多,够早,够低。

54、if at first you dontt succeed,try,try,and try again. 如果一开始你没成功,尝试,尝试,再尝试!

55、Tostan workers encourage communities to make public declarations of the standards for their children, so that no one girl is singled out as different if not married young. Tostan的工作人员鼓励社区为孩子们制定和公布一些标准,这样一来没有任何一个女孩会因不早婚而被孤立。

56、I'm come to fetch you home; and I hope you'll be a dutiful daughter, and not encourage my son to further disobedience. 我是来把你带回家去的;我希望你作个孝顺的儿媳妇,不要再鼓励我的儿子不听话了。

57、President took the boy's hand In his and spoke warm words of encouragement until death came. 在这个寂静的房间里,高大的总统握着男孩的手,说着体贴入怀的鼓励话语,直到死亡款款而来。

58、Her child is learning to talk. 她的孩子正在学说话。

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