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1. An apple a day keeps the doctor away!




Many proverbs do not mean what they literally say, but in some cases, this proverb is used this way.


Especially for children who do not like to eat their fruits, parents can tell them “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” to convince them that they will not have to see any doctor if they eat their fruits.


In other situations, the speaker may mean this generally – in that, if you eat healthy foods and take care of yourself, you will not have any health problems or have to visit the doctor.


My sister only eats her fruits and vegetables if my mom reminds her that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”


If you ask your doctor for some advice on how to stay healthy, they might make a joke and tell you that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”


2. A hungry man is an angry man!




While this proverb specifically talks about a man, this actually applies to all people – women and children included. When someone is hungry, whether they are grown or not, they are likely to be angry.


When someone uses this proverb, they mean that someone who is hungry and has not had his needs met (whether it is specifically related to food or not) is more likely to be emotional.


People are only in their right mind and can make complex decisions if they are full and have their needs met.


When you are trying to have a meeting right before lunch, you are likely to get some people who will not pay attention or will give you push back for trying to force them into a meeting by saying, “A hungry man is an angry man!”


When I was younger, I would never ask my mother whether I could go to my friend’s house if she had not yet eaten lunch or dinner, because I knew that she would always say no if she hadn’t eaten! A hungry man is an angry man!


3. Eat to live but do not live to eat!




Some people love eating so much that they make their entire existence about finding the most delicious food for them to have.


They wake up thinking about what they want to have for breakfast, and then they spend as much time as possible figuring out which restaurants are the most delicious, and making sure that they go there and eat the best dishes.


This is great for most people who love eating, but this proverb warns against people who might take this a step too far.


Instead of finding some “greater purpose” for their lives, such as educating younger people or working for the poor, they think that their purpose is to eat as much as possible.


If someone uses this proverb, it means that you should not put so much importance on eating. Instead, you should only eat enough to live, but you should not spend too much time thinking about food.


Once someone is overweight, they should think about eating to live, but not living to eat.


4. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!




If you are in a position to invest in something, or you want to take a chance, it is tempting to believe everything you hear. However, you never really know what is good and what will work, so that is a dangerous thing to do.


In cases like these, this proverb is good to keep in mind. It means that you should not put all your money in one investment if you are talking about investing or stocks.


This proverb comes from the idea that, in older times, people would buy groceries and bring them home in a basket.


If you bought eggs, you should not put them all in the same basket, because if you accidentally drop the basket or bump into something, the basket could fall on the floor and all your eggs would break.


Instead, you should be more conservative and put some eggs in multiple baskets, so that if one fails, you can still rely on the others to still be there.


Most people should think about getting a side job to bring in some income, because it is hard to know if or when you will be let go from your main job. If that happens, do not come back crying to me! I told you not to put all your eggs in one basket!


5. It’s no use crying over spilt milk!




When you see a child who has spilled something – such as their milk – you will likely see them crying about it as well. The classic image of a crying child is one that has the ice cream part of his ice cream cone on the ground.


When you are a child, crying like this is okay, because you do not understand much. However, when you are an adult, this is much less acceptable.


This proverb tells people not to cry over spilt milk – or not to cry (or wallow in sorrow, or stay on another negative emotion) over something that has already happened.


Since there is no way to change the past, what has happened, has happened. Instead, you should move on and try to fix the problem, or just forget it.


The company wants us to try to fix all the problems that we have had with our new product, but I honestly think that it’s no use crying over spilt milk! We should just move on and work on our next product.


I know Jim feels that he will never love again after the girl he was going to propose to broke up with him. But, as I keep telling him, it’s no use crying over spilt milk! We love and we learn.



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